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What are the best blow dryers for your afro hair?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated January 12, 2021

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A lot of people envy Afro-Americans for their rich, beautiful hair. But this type of hair is quite hard to care for and maintain, because it is fragile and very vulnerable to damage. You need to know how to take care of it and make the most of it. And among others, this means that you have to use the proper hair care tools.

Blow-dryers are pretty much indispensable to anyone these days. They help you get the look you want, and they drastically reduce the drying time of your hair. But not every hair dryer is meant for everybody. There are different types of dryers out there, for specific types of hair: thin, fragile, dry, thick, curly, etc.

What are the main types of dryers?

There are several types of dryers available on the market, depending on the material of the heating element. The most common hair dryers are ceramic ones, which are made of porcelain or ceramic clay and heat your hair evenly. They reach a high temperature very quickly and they can pretty much be used on any hair type.

Ionic hair dryers are also popular and they are called like that because of the ionic technology they use. They use various heating elements, made of ceramic, tourmaline, titanium. This type of dryers works best on people with a thick hair and are not recommended for people with thin hair.

Tourmaline dryers use a material called tourmaline, which is a multi-colored mineral. Tourmaline dryers are quicker, heat evenly and are gentle on the hair. They are more expensive than the other two types and work best on frizzy, thick hair, not so much on short, thin one.

There are also titanium dryers, which are the quickest of them all when it comes to heating and drying time. They are lightweight and go on most hair types except thin hair.

Best hair dryers to consider for black hair

Black hair is usually thick and curly and requires a longer time to dry. At the same time though, it is quite fragile and can easily get damaged from heat, especially at the ends.

Here are some of the best options to consider:

BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme – this model from BaByLiss is a professional ceramic dryer that packs 2000 Watts of power. It has 6 heat and speed settings and has a narrow barrel which helps you get a stronger air pressure, which helps you dry your hair faster. It also has a very durable motor. 

T3 Cura Luxe – this dryer comes with a built-in ion generator and it has 1875 watts. It has 5 heat setting and 2 speed settings. The T3 dryer leaves your hair shiny and it has an anti-frizzy effect. It is a pricey dryer and you have to pay approx. $250 for it.

Conair Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer – this is a more budget-friendly option. The Conair Ionic Ceramic blends both the ceramic and tourmaline technologies and prevents your hair from getting damaged. The dryer has 1875 watts, which is the proper power for Afro-American hair. It has 3 heat and 2 speed settings and reduces the frizz effect by 75%.