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Miko shiatsu foot massager review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 26, 2021

Miko shiatsu foot massager


When you stay in the same position for too long, either because you're busy working, studying, or even simply playing games for hours, your body would experience fatigue. You might be able to brush it off once or twice, but once it accumulates, you won't be able to do anything. 

Shiatsu is a form of traditional massage from Japan that focuses on applying ample pressure on the body's pressure point, especially around the feet. There are more than 7000 nerves in your foot, so shiatsu that focuses on your feet is one of the best and popular options to help get rid of your fatigue.

And just like with everything, doing it regularly is the best way to go about it. The most convenient way to do that is by using a foot massager tool. One of the most popular ones in the market right now is the Miko Shiatsu foot massager. This brief article will tell you all you need to know about it.

About the Miko shiatsu foot massager

As the name implies, the Miko shiatsu foot massager is a device that would stimulate the pressure points on your feet to give it the same sensation as receiving a professional shiatsu massage. The combination of air compression, a reflexology motion device, and targeted heat created a one-of-a-kind comfortable and relaxing feeling while giving you all the benefits of a shiatsu massage at the same time.

The Miko shiatsu foot massagerwe reviewed is the flagship product of a company called Miko Brand, LLC. Miko is a company that focuses on creating health-related products, such as air purifiers and different kinds of foot massagers. But out of all of their product lines, the most famous one is the foot massager line. They have various foot massages that focus on achieving different things and sit at different price ranges. 

Features of the Miko shiatsu foot massager

The features of the Miko shiatsu foot massager could be divided into three broad categories, which are usage, massage, and sustainability. The usage concerns how easy it is to use the device, the massage part is all about the comfort and health benefits, while the sustainability is about features that would make Miko shiatsu foot massager comfortable to be used for a long time.

  • LCD display. In order to make it easy for you to use the device, Miko decided to put an LCD display with all the controls and the buttons right at the top of the device. This way, you could clearly see each setting and adjustment that you could make. 

  • Wireless remote control. But to go one step further, Miko also gave you a remote so that you could control the device without having to move your body. And since the remote is quite small, there's a chance that you might lose it. Aware of that risk, Miko prepared two sets of remote in every package of a brand new Miko shiatsu foot massager. 

  • 15 minutes timer. Miko shiatsu foot massager has a 15 minutes timer for every massage session. This is the perfect amount of time for a massage session. Going any longer than this would lead to more harm than good. It is better to have a massage regularly rather than going for a long time at once. 
  • Adjustable pressure level. When you use a Miko shiatsu foot massager, you will feel the pressure around your feet, especially at the bottom of your feet, through the reflexology motion device. If the default pressure feels somewhat inadequate to you, then you could simply adjust it to your liking.

  • Various air compression settings. Other than the pressure, you will also feel the air compression wrap around your feet when you use the Miko Shiatsu foot massager. When engaged, you would feel the kneading sensation on your feet with the intensity that you can fully adjust.

  • Heating operation. Pressure at the bottom of your feet and the air compression is great for loosening your tight muscles and hitting all of those essential pressure points. Adding the heating operation to the mix, then you will have a great blood flow at the same time.

  • Washable foot liners. After you use the device for a long time, it would inevitably get dirty and even start to smell rather bad. With other brands, there's nothing you could do about it. But with Miko shiatsu foot massager, you could simply take off the foot liners and wash it till it was clean.

  • Non-slip rubber grips. Miko shiatsu foot massager has a non-slip rubber grip that allows your feet to stick easily in place without sacrificing comfort. This feature is one of the things that makes sure that your feet stay at the right place to receive the massage at the proper pressure points.

  • Ankle-free mobility. But despite the non-slip rubber grips, Miko also enables you to have free mobility for your ankle. That way, your feet won't get hurt no matter how many massage sessions you use Miko shiatsu foot massager for.
Benefits of using the Miku shiatsu foot massager
  • Easy to use. As I've mentioned before, Miko works hard to make sure that their shiatsu foot massager is as easy to use as possible. With the big LCD display on top of the device and the remote control, you could simply slip your foot in, and set the massager according to your preferences with ease. 

  • Stylish and compact. Miko shiatsu foot massager was designed to be compact and stylish. It has a sleek body that is different from any other foot massager in the market. And the size is also quite compact at the same time so it's easy to move it around.

  • Excellent support. Miko believes in creating the products that are best suited and most beneficial for their customers. But that principle is not only true regarding their products, it extends to their customer service as well. You could contact them anytime you want and they will help you tackle any problems regarding their products until it is fully resolved. 

No matter what you do for a living or how you choose to spend your free time, keeping your body as healthy as possible is a must. To achieve this you need to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and get rid of any fatigue that might accumulate. 

This first and the second one is all about your lifestyle and you should figure out the best way to achieve that on your own, based on your body and mind. But for the last one, the Miko shiatsu foot massager is one of the best solutions for that problem. It is equipped with advanced features, it is easy to use, and it is also compact and stylish. You should definitely give it a try.