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Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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We’ve all had pain with our feet, especially if we exercise, walk, and run around a lot. Aside from this, diabetics and those with neuropathy may find it an everyday condition to feel pain in their feet. Because of this, various companies have created electronic foot massagers that do the job within a couple of minutes using technology that can knead, massage, and provide warmth to improve blood circulation to the feet. The Miko Shiatsu is one of our top picks for this.

Who is Miko?

Miko is a Brooklyn-based company which creates consistently highly rated massage products such as the Masuta Massager, Shibui Heat Massager, and the Yugen Acupuncture Foot Massager. As we can see in their company’s name, they are inspired by traditional Japanese massage techniques for their products. They mix this with modern technological advances to give more convenience for the users and to provide them the best relief from the comfort of their own homes. Aside from this, they have a distinct design in their products that is modern and sleek which gives it an edge from the plastic and industrial design of their competitors. When we did a review of the Miko foot massager we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their product.

What comes with the massager?

Miko Shiatsu comes with the unit, a manual, two remote units, a power adapter, and a welcome kit. We especially love that they provided two of the remotes for the users to have a reliable replacement direct from the manufacturer. This also makes it easy to change the settings of the product while it is being used without the need to bend over which is surprisingly a common design flaw among many foot massagers. The product weighs about 13 pounds and is light enough to carry around to different rooms of the house. The adapter also has adequate length to make it flexible for any part of the room.

Miko foot massager settings

The main product has five massage options that can be included in your 15-minute daily use. This includes the following: Heating Function, Air Intensity Low, Air Intensity High, and Kneading Intensity. This makes the massage more personalized and fit to your preference as not all options may be comfortable for you. For the best massage though, it is recommended to use all of these as it is based on the Shiatsu traditional massage of Japan. Upon testing, we are delighted to say that the buttons are soft to push but feel sturdy at the same time. Using the remote to change the settings was also quick as the unit was very responsive.

The Shiatsu massage of the product was very good and calming for the feet. First, the product has a good kneading ability that targets the different pressure points of the feet either gently or with sufficient force depending on the intensity chosen by the user.

Next, the company uses air intensity to make it easier to provide more blood circulation to the muscles of the feet. We were very pleased with this feature as it provides holistic coverage to almost all sides of the feet.

Lastly, the heating function of the product was also very good for improving the blood circulation of the feet. This also comes with its own temperature regulator to ensure that the product will not overheat and will only provide the necessary heat for daily massaging. The mix of the heat, air intensity, and kneading provides very good massaging for the feet.

An issue that some users found, however, was that the product may be inconsistent for those with smaller feet as they experience more massaging at the front of their feet compared to the heels. This can be fixed by raising the intensity of the air, though.

The product can accommodate up to size 13 which ensures that many people can use the product.

Overall, the product follows reflexology requirements and adds more to provide the best massage for your feet.

Miko foot massager design

The product has a modern, sleek, and geometric design that is very clean and adapted to most user’s taste. It is also small enough to be placed under closets and chairs which makes it apartment friendly. Next, the product comes with a washable foot cover which ensures that it will remain hygienic to use even after frequent usage. This can also be easily removed and attached again.

The product also has non-slip rubber grips which makes the feet snugger inside the unit.

The only problem with the design is that the battery compartment is quite hard to open and close. This can be seen as its way, though, to ensure that it will not be accidentally removed.

Final thoughts on the Miko foot massager

The Miko Shiatsu foot massager is a very recommended product if you have the money for it. This is because it has very good performance that is ensured to provide maximum relief for your feet with its mixture of the traditional Japanese massage of Shiatsu, heat, air pressure, and kneading. The unit is very sturdy and convenient to use which ensures that a lot of users can be immediately comfortable with it. It is also not complicated at all to use.

The Miko Shiatsu is a solid product which gives very good massage results. It has very intuitive controls that can be controlled with a remote to avoid having to bend over. It employs the Shiatsu massage which specifically targets various pressure points using heat, kneading, and air pressure. It also has smooth controls. Lastly, the design can accommodate feet up to size 13.

         Is it recommended?


  •         Comes with two remotes
  •         Uses heat, air pressure, and kneading
  •         Good massage quality
  •         Sturdy and sleek design
  •         Massage can be easily customized


  •         May have some inconsistencies for small foot sizes
  •         Battery compartment may be hard to access