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Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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Frequent foot pain is a common complaint for everyone, and even more so for the eldery, diabetics, and those who suffer from some forms of neuropathy. This can severely limit their mobility, rendering them static and lacking exercise. To relieve this, users are advised to use electric foot massagers which they can use any time they want within the confines of their home for more convenience and ease. Among these, Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager is one of the standout products in the market.

Who is Miko?

Miko is a company which is based in Brooklyn, New York. They are known to be one of the best companies for massage and relaxation products. Included in their most popular products are Masuta Massager, Yugen Acupuncture Foot Massager, and the Shibui Heat Massager. These are known for their high quality of therapy that mixes traditional techniques with modern technology to make it more accessible and convenient for many customers. These come with a modern design that makes it eye-catching and expensive looking even with its affordable rates.

What is Shiatsu massage therapy?

Miko is directly inspired by the Shiatsu form of therapy which was originally from Japan. This type of massage directly targets the different acupuncture points of the feet, with specific points bringing relief to the intestine, shoulder, pelvis, and more. With this therapy, users can also feel relief from stress and tension and improve the blood flow in their feet which is great news for diabetics. Aside from this, the massage is geared towards all users regardless of their medical condition which is why anyone who just wants to relax at their homes are advised to purchase one.

The best part about the unit is that it also uses heat to bring the best tension relief for you. With this, blood flow will be increased and will relieve tension from your feet.

Next, the product also applies dynamic air pressure to your feet to properly target its pressure points. This is also adjustable so that it can adjust depending on the foot size of the user. According to the product’s description, this can even make you feel like walking on clouds because of the comfort and gentle feeling it gives to your feet.

The product uses reflexology guided rolling nodes to gently yet surely target the muscles of the feet. We found in our Miko Foot Massage review that the product was pretty well designed with a lot of features for its price points.

Additional features of the Miko foot massager

Other features

The product also has 5 settings for the air compression which can be adjusted depending on your preference. This also makes sure that the machine is not too hard or too gentle for your usage.

The product comes with two wireless remote controls for you to have a spare one. This also ensures that you do not need to bend over to use the product which can make it less convenient to use. The remote is complete with all the features of the product.

Next the product comes with a 15-minute timer which is the maximum recommended time for using the product for the best massage and results. Users can opt to extend this but should be wary about making their feet sore if they use it too much.

Next, the product has washable foot liners that can be removed and attached easily. This ensures that the product will always be hygienic.

The product also comes with an LCD display that will display the time remaining for the unit. The interface also has backlit displays for the different features such as pressure and kneading. This makes it easier to personalize the message settings in case you dislike using particular features.

The product comes with a protection plan from Miko that ensures that the product will be covered for up to 1 year. Users can simply contact their company for any issues about their product if they would like.

The product can be used by users with a foot size of up to 13 which makes sure that many people can use it. The product also comes with a temperature regulator to ensure that it will never heat up too much.