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Phillips Sonicare 6500 full review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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The Philips Sonicare is a reliable electric toothbrush brand that has been around since the 2000s. Their models are known to be one of the few which are capable of creating 31,000 strokes per minute that allow it to be much more effective than traditional brushing and also its other competitors. The company continues to improve their products to make it more effective in cleaning that is made possible with the introduction of different cleaning features, user control interfaces, and the introduction of different replacement brush heads. One of their best products is the Philips Sonicare 6500.

What is the Sonicare 6500

The Sonicare 6500, which we recently reviewed,  is a part of the Protective Clean product line. Other product lines from the company include the DiamondClean and the CleanCare. It is a mid-tier product that can be seen with its affordable pricing and satisfactory number of features.

The product comes with a smart travel case that we give particular praise for because of its sturdiness and reliability. This has a USB charging port which you can charge using your different gadgets and also directly to the outlet with an adapter. This also has specified slots for the different brush heads and the brush itself to keep it safe when travelling. It has a sleek design that goes well with the brush itself.

The brush has a sturdy and chic design made possible by its metallic design that is firm yet light on the hands. It also has grips in its base that keeps it from falling while being used. It has a specific design for the brush head that allows it to be angled gently to reach the last molars for the best brushing performance.

The brush comes in special shades of white, black, pink, blue, and purple to make it more personalized. It comes with its own LED lights where users see the intensity of the brush when cleaning. Users can cycle through this using the power button.

Sonicare 6500 features

The brush comes with 3 cleaning modes which is actually enough for most users in most cases. This is because most of the variety needed for cleaning will mostly depend upon the brush heads instead of the intensity options provided by the electric brush. These options include the low, medium, and high intensity.

It also has three types of cleaning modes that are best paired with appropriate brush heads for the best cleaning. First is the Clean Mode which gives 2 minutes of brushing that is best used every day. Next is the Whitening Mode that specifically dedicates time for polishing the surface of the teeth as to whiten it. Last is the Gum Care mode that lasts for 3 minutes and allots a single minute for massaging the gums. These minutes are enough for everyday cleaning as recommended by dentists. These come with a quad pacer and timer which ensures that each quadrant of the teeth will be given adequate cleaning. This will buzz for every 30 seconds to advise you to change quadrants. The electric brush also immediately shuts down upon the end of the cleaning cycle.

An important feature that it has is the pressure sensor. This warns you in case you are pressing the unit too hard on your teeth and gums to avoid damaging it.

Another important feature of the brush is the BrushSync technology. First, this has an RFID chip system which can detect the specific brush head that you have connected to the unit so that it can decide the specific cleaning mode and intensity you need which is especially important if you go through multiple types of these in a week. Next, it also advises you in case the brush head that you are using is already of low quality for you  to replace it already which is very handy as it is quite hard to keep track of this.

How well does the Sonicare 6500 clean?

The Philips Sonicare 6500 is one of the most reliable electric brushes as proven countlessly by its brand. With them, users can expect plaque and teeth stains to be removed with everyday usage even for its most standard brush, cleaning mode, and intensity that is mostly made possible by its abundance of strokes per minute. For the lifespan of its brush heads that is at 3 months at most, users can expect premier cleaning results. In our Sonicare 6500 Review we found that it was decent as it cleaned well we just couldn't justify the cost to the value it provided as it was so similiar to others in cleaning quality.

Sonicare 6500 battery specs

One of the aspects that Philips is generally applauded is its battery performance. With the use of their Lithium ion battery, users can ensure up to 3 weeks of everyday cleaning which makes it friendly to use for travelling and camping. The built-in charger of the travelling case also makes it very handy and secure to charge anywhere.

Compared to other products

In terms of features, the unit is similar to the Philips Sonicare 6100. However, there are key differences between them including the inclusion of a travel case for the 6500 which is very important. This toothbrush  also comes with USB charging for the travel case, which makes it easy to charge anywhere.  It is really up to you though, to make the call as to if that travel case is worth the extra cost attached to it. It is unusual that you travel for more than the standard 10 days of battery life almost every toothbrush comes with so that isn't a concern that most face. And realistically, if you did travel for longer you could just pack the charger as it doesn't take up much space at all, and you would never need to worry about the battery on your toothbrush failing.

Final thoughts on the Sonicare 6500

In the end, the unit is highly recommended for those looking for a mid-tier priced electric toothbrush as due to its reliable features and design. In terms of variations in cleaning, users can get gentle up to very thorough cleaning made possible by a combination of intensity, cleaning modes, and different brush heads which is very good for targeting different cleaning needs of users. The design of the unit also has a lot of variety in terms of color options. The various freebies included in the product such as the brush heads, the charging and travelling case, and more makes it a worthwhile buy.