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Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

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Electric toothbrushes give maximum effectiveness in cleaning plaques and dirt from our teeth. These are commonly used nowadays because of the various cleaning intensities it offers, its convenience, and its effectiveness in cleaning your teeth. Although they come in different brands, most are similar in their quality, some only offering more specific modes and cleaning intensities. Out of all of these, Philips is one of the best brands because of the specific innovations that they provide users with that maximize user comfort along with offering the best cleaning quality.

About the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100

The ProtectiveClean 5100 is the mid-tier option in the middle of the 4100 and the 6100. The main difference it has from its more expensive counterpart is the lack of the adjustable intensity settings which means that the 5100 always runs at full speed. This may not be much of a problem for most. The cleaning quality is the same, anyways, and users might simply see this feature as a luxury. Aside from this, the 5100 is one of the best options that many users will find very comfortable to use for every day. 

First impressions

The 5100 comes in four colors, pastel pink, turquoise, black or white. We have a slight preference for the black version because of its sleek design and stylishness. The product comes with two brushes, one built for gum care and one for optimal teeth whitening. It also comes with a light travel case that is small enough to carry around. The unit is charged using a type C plug unlike USB chargers used by some electric toothbrushes. Users will not be disappointed with the packaging which feels as high-end as the pricing of the unit. Setting up the brush for usage was easy.

Brushing performance

Compared to the 6100 which is the higher-priced product, 5100 did not disappoint in terms of cleaning. We tested the standard two-minute cleaning program of the product. The brush was neither too heavy nor too light, barely making any sounds as it cleaned. Both the teeth whitening and gum care brushes felt nice to use. The gum cleaning program was also nice to use and felt soothing to use. Overall, brushing with the product was a breeze. Upon checking the results, we were not disappointed with the cleanliness that it was able to provide us as it was able to clean activated charcoal and pulped grass stains. 

The brush was also able to clean the gaps in between the teeth. The brush was neither too hard nor too soft, capable of providing the perfect amount of pressure for the teeth. 

The brush was designed to be easily held. It was also light enough to glide across the teeth with pressure. 


The Sonicare 5100 brush has many smart features that make it easier to use. First, it has a timer and a pacer. This immediately warns you in case you need to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are cleaning to make sure that brushing your teeth will be done evenly. This is a very useful tool that helps both adults in a rush and children learning how to brush. 

As mentioned above, it has multiple brushes which means that it comes with multiple cleaning modes. As their names imply, the gum brush is for massaging your gums and soothing it. Next, the teeth whitening brush provides extra strength in polishing the teeth to remove colour stains and to give you the perfect smile. Both of these brushes were useful for everyday use. We were not disappointed with the results of both.

Next, the brush has a BrushSync tool which is unique for Philips Sonicare brushes. This tool smartly detects if the brush is cleaning your teeth properly and advises you to change the brush handle if needed. This lets you always have the best cleaning from the brush. 

The brush also has a sensor which detects if you are brushing your teeth too intensely. This is to avoid removing parts of your enamel which is important for maintaining teeth integrity. 

Upon testing, we found that with full charge, the unit can last up to two weeks or more. This, along with its automatic power off option, lets you conserve energy for more brushes. This makes it handy to bring along for road trips, camping, and more. The travel case is also durable enough to last long and is capable of protecting the sensitive brush head and handle when brought anywhere. 

Downsides of the 5100

The only negative about it is the lack of options for the intensity of the brushing which not many would really miss as it applies just the perfect speed for those with teeth stain cleaning needs and those with sensitive teeth. Some also suggest that it would be better if the pressure sensor had a light indicator to advise users properly.

Final thoughts on the 5100

The 5100 is very recommendable for all users because of its very reliable features, its amazing cleaning performance, and its mid-tier pricing. If you are looking for more information about this model we actually do a more in depth review of the Sonicare 5100 that has every single thing you need to know about it before you spend any money on it.