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Philips Sonicare 1100 full review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

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So you've been using the conventional toothbrush all your life and suddenly your dentist recommended you to give an electric toothbrush a try. You look around for information regarding this new device that's about to enter your life and what you find certainly sounds promising.

So you finally decide to pull the trigger and get yourself a brand new electric toothbrush. But there are lots of brands and models out there and all of them promise to be the best one of the bunch. So now the only problem is to find which electric toothbrush you should buy.

And that's where the Phillips Sonicare 1100 comes in. This brief article will showcase all the features and benefits of this particular device and give you the reason why you should pick Philips Sonicare 1100 as your first electric toothbrush.

About the Philips Sonicare 1100

Philips Sonicare is one of the leading electric toothbrushes in the world with decades of experience in bringing high-quality dental care devices to your home. And the Phillips Sonicare 1100 is their line of products that is aimed towards entry-level consumers who have never used an electric toothbrush before. 

Philips Sonicare itself is a brand with a long and proud history that dates back to the late 1980s with a dental care company called GEMTech. It later changed its name to Optiva Corporation in 1995. Until finally Philips Domestic Appliances, a division of Phillips corporation, acquired the company and later on rebranded it under the name of "Philips Sonicare".

Features of Philips Sonicare 1100
  • Sonic technology. Philips Sonicare 1100 is equipped with Phillips's patented sonic technology. This cutting-edge technology allows for 31,000 brush strokes per minute and has the ability to remove up to 4 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush ever could.
  • Long-lasting battery. Philips Sonicare 1100 is powered by the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. With this battery, you would be able to use the device for at least two weeks on a full charge. That is of course under the normal use of brushing your teeth twice a day, two minutes each, every day.
  • Rechargeable battery. What's even better, the aforementioned battery is also rechargeable. It usually takes around 10~12 hours to fully charge the toothbrush, but if you always charge it after using it, then the power would never run out on you. 
  • Quadpacer. When brushing your teeth, dental experts advise you to split your teeth into four quadrants, upper left and right, and lower left and right. Philips Sonicare 1100 has the quadpacer technology that allocates 30 seconds of brush time on each quadrant. There will be an audible sound once the 30 seconds is up to let you know when to change the quadrant. 
  • Brushing timer. Other than splitting our teeth into quadrants, dental experts also advise us to brush our teeth for a total of two minutes for each brushing session. Philips Sonicare 1100 also has a timer that would make an audible sound once the two minutes is up and there's also a gentle vibration to let you know that the brushing sessions have ended.
  • Automatic power off. Quadpacer and brushing timer is not a unique feature to Philips Sonicare 1100. Other brands also incorporate those features into their device. Philips Sonicare added an automatic power-off feature to their devices that allowed the toothbrush to automatically turn itself off once the two minutes session had ended. While other brands would keep on functioning and need to be manually turned off. This is the small attention to detail that puts Philips Sonicare above its competitors.
  • Easy-start. As a device aimed primarily at newcomers, Philips Sonicare 1100 implements the easy-start feature during your first usage cycle. What this feature does is start the device with a low sonic movement and gradually strengthen the vibration as you reach the two weeks time. By easing up the movement like this, those who have never used an electric toothbrush before in their life would be able to slowly get used to the changes.
  • Quiet. And despite its powerful sonic technology movement that could clean your teeth without hurting your gum for two minutes straight, Phillips Sonicare 1100 is relatively quiet. You can feel the vibration and maybe a soft hum from the handle. Other than that, this device would stay silent when you use it.
  • Angled brush head. Unlike other electric toothbrushes that usually have a straight design from the tip of the brush head to the charging point at the bottom of the handle, Philips Sonicare 1100 has an angled brush head. This unique design allows you to easily reach the further back of your mouth that is usually hard to reach with a regular toothbrush.
  • Replacement heads. You should replace the brush head of your electric toothbrush once every three months or at least when the brush head looks worn out. Phillips has lots of different toothbrush heads that you could choose from and most of them are compatible with Philips Sonicare 1100.
Benefits of using Philips Sonicare 1100
  • Warranty. Every Philips Sonicare 1100 electric toothbrush is shipped with a two-year warranty. So if there's something wrong with your device, you could simply claim the warranty and you'd get a replacement for free.
  • Easy to use. To use Philips Sonicare 1100, all you need to do is simply push a button to turn it on. After that, you could simply use it as usual and wait for their signal to change quadrant and to end the brushing session.
  • Affordable. You could have a brand new Philips Sonicare 1100 for as little as $19.95 before shipping. Which is a perfect price point for your first electric toothbrush. 

If you've been using a manual toothbrush all your life, there might be a mix of excitement and anxiety when you finally decide to change to an electric toothbrush. That's why you should pick an electric toothbrush that was designed specifically for first-time users, such as Philips Sonicare 1100.

Philips Sonicare 1100 is easy to use, has a stylish design, is equipped with useful features and long-lasting battery life, and it is also very affordable. Among other electric toothbrushes in the market right now, Phillips Sonicare 1100 is truly the most suitable one to be your first electric toothbrush.