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Is Oral-B Warranty good or not?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 16, 2021

Electric toothbrush behind a broken manual toothbrush


Electric toothbrushes are a common product among many households nowadays. They are a convenient tool that is used every day to keep dental health pristine and lessens visits to the dentist. Their main advantage compared to traditional toothbrushes aside from its automatic brushing is that it can last for years compared to the former which is used 3 months at most. However, this also makes it more expensive to purchase which is why analyzing the warranty terms of the product you purchase is important to lessen your stress in the future when your product is defective.

Who is Oral B? Are their toothbrushes good?

Oral-B is one of the most popular dental hygiene products. In collaboration with German company Braun, they have released different electric toothbrushes that range in terms of features, pricing, and more. In case you have purchased from them, you may want to quickly read through their warranty terms for you to be familiarized.

Terms of warranty, aka the fine print

First, users must know that when they register their product online, their warranty can be extended for up to one year. Without this, the warranty only lasts for two years. Throughout this period, the company will repair your product for free if the problems you encounter are because of defects and problems with their company. This means that the construction and manufacturing of the product is the reason why your product is faulty. For example, this includes the brush suddenly stopping to function with no reason.

Users should remember though, that if the fault is because of them, they are not given a free fix. For example, if they dropped the unit from a high place or if they improperly charged it, Oral-B will not compensate for its repair. If you also try to tamper with the original design of the machine or make any modifications to it, users will not be given free repair. Lastly, they also do not cover any damages brought by using a brush head that was not created by Oral-B.

For the repair, users simply need to go to a nearby Oral-B or Braun Customer Service center. You may also check the different steps in submitting a faulty product on their website. Usually, the center will only take 24 hours to repair your product.

Easiest way to register

Registering your product to their online website may be a big help in ensuring that you will have more product warranty. Here, you will need to provide your contact details and details about your brush and its proof of purchase.

Examples of what is covered

If your product is still within the Oral B warranty terms and if you are qualified based on the earlier-mentioned aspects (non-tapered and non-modified products), users can repair their product for free. First, this includes having no charge with your charger or if the product does not charge at all. Next, if you think that you are getting less battery compared to the promised number of hours by the company, you can also send it for repair. Other examples include having the brush not open or closed at all, if the brush does not have consistent brushing speed, and if it stops intermittently while brushing your teeth.

Included in the damages that will not be repaired for free by the company include the brush being used improperly, having the brush repaired by someone not from their company, the product being worn out after years of usage, and the likes.

What do we think of Oral Bs warranty?

Based on similar electric brush companies, Oral-B’s warranty is fair. If you take care of your investment and treat it nicely then they will cover things that break because of their issues. That does not mean you can drop it off a building, but we say that their warranty program has covered a lot of things for people from what we have found online and overall everyone seems pretty happy with their protection.