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How to file an oral b warranty claim

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 28, 2021

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Purchasing an electric toothbrush is a long-term commitment. This is because unlike traditional ones, these can last for years as long as you are careful in using it. The only disposable part for this is the brush head. This means that the electric toothbrush you purchase must have a high quality that can last for long. To ensure that companies are giving the best products, it is important for you to browse through their warranty terms first before purchasing from them. This makes you more confident that you will be having a quality product that is ready to be used.

Who is Oral B?

Oral-B is a very popular dental hygiene brand that offers products that range from electric toothbrushes, flosses, and toothpaste. In collaboration with Braun, their electric toothbrushes come in different series that differ in terms of features and design. Still, their high-quality cleaning is consistent with all of them which is why a lot of customers put their faith in the brand. When it comes to warranty, users may also find Oral-B very reliable because of their consistency when viewed along with other brands.

How to file an Oral B warranty claim.

With Oral-B, users can simply file an in warranty request at Braun’s website. They can also file it through an authorized repair center of either Braun or Oral B. There, they will be guided through the step by step process of fixing or replacing their product. Users should take note that Braun is also a reliable service provider as they are the main collaborator of Oral B for these electric toothbrushes and are responsible for its electronics components.

The product must be sent to them in a package that can be handled by normal freight and courier ways. Users are also advised to insure their packages. Oral B will compensate for the repair costs and the fee for shipping.

The electric toothbrush can be fixed or replaced as quickly as within 24 hours.

In case your product is no longer within the warranty terms, users can still do the same procedure except that they would have to pay for the repairs. At the service center, they will be given an estimate on how much the repair will cost.

How do I know if my toothbrush still has warranty?

In general, their electric toothbrushes are under a 2-year warranty that is a standard. This is also mostly followed by other popular products. However, users can extend this up to 3 years if they register their product in Oral-B’s website. Here, they will be asked to provide personal information and proof of purchase of the product. In case the product is qualified for repair and is within the warranty period, users can get a free full repair.

How do I know if my product is eligible for free repair?

Many may confuse a warranty for a free repair for their products whenever it is damaged. However, you should know that it is only applicable if the error comes from their end. This includes any manufacturing and production error. This is only fair as users can still avail of paid repair service if the error was done by themselves.

Examples of an error that can be repaired for free include:

  •         If the unit suddenly stops working without any reason
  •         If the unit intermittently stops while you are brushing your teeth
  •         If one of the specific cleaning features (3D cleaning, sensitive) fails to function properly
  •         If the unit does not charge at all
  •         If the unit does not open or close at all

However, users should also be aware of several grounds for which the product will not be covered under warranty even if it is within the period. This includes the following cases:

  • If the user has modified the electric brush’s components in any way
  • If the electric brush has been repaired by an unofficial electronics repair center
  • If the electric brush has been damaged by the user themselves (dropped from a high place, scratched accidentally, and similar cases)
  • If the electric brush has been damaged because of improper usage
  • If the electric brush has been tampered with by the user in any way
Are their warranty terms good or should you look elsewhere?

Oral-B stays true to its promise of good product quality even with its warranty. Their approach is reliable and reasonable which is why many users will find it satisfactory. Users only need to ensure that they have properly read the terms of the product so that they will not be surprised in case they are rejected for a free repair service.