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A full review of Oral B Pro 2000

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 7, 2021

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Electric toothbrushes are most recommended for those who want more features and ease in everyday brushing. With these, users can have full cleaning without exerting too much effort. It also comes with multiple cleaning modes that can support different needs of the user such as sensitive cleaning, teeth stain cleaning, whitening, and more. Oral B is one of the best brands for electric toothbrushes because of their dentist-approved technology and features which makes everyday brushing a breeze. They have released multiple product lines of these brushes including Genius, Io, Pro, and more.

What is the Oral B 2000?

The Oral B Pro 2000 was fully reviewed and we found that it is a mid-tier choice for those interested in the Pro product line of Oral B. This is known for its features such as pressure sensor, multiple cleaning modes, and more. Since it is their starting product line and their most affordable, users must not expect fancy technology like Bluetooth integration and similar ones. Even if it lacks this, it makes up for it with its simple design and its reliable cleaning method that can remove most stains and debris that users may have. The product is recommendable for all.

Oral B 2000 brush head options

With Oral B Pro 2000, users will be given three options for their brush heads upon purchase. This includes the CrossAction brush which is the standard one for Oral B which is capable of cleaning most of the surface of the teeth and crossing through the tiny gaps to give you very good results. Aside from this, they can also have the Sensitive brush and the 3D cleaning which can help in whitening the teeth. These can be changed with each other depending on your preference. Doing this is very easy because of the intuitive design of the brush.

Oral B 2000 performance

All of Oral B’s brushes are known for the oscillating and rotating motion it does to give a complete clean for your teeth. This is evident with the Oral B Pro 2000 which was able to clean our teeth completely from stains and food debris. It did not feel too hard or too gentle for our teeth, providing enough pressure to protect the enamel. The brushes were all very effective in cleaning the teeth. The unit also did not make too much noise when being used which is a relief for those living in apartments.

Oral B 2000 Battery

Oral B Pro 2000 uses the lithium ion batteries which are still being used by most electric brushes nowadays along with mobile phones. Because of this, the unit can last up to two weeks when fully charged and used 2 minutes every day. This makes it good to carry around for trips. It is also a big advantage compared to its cheaper alternative, the Oral B Pro 1000 which only lasts for a week and a half. The unit takes about 8 hours to finish charging if it is fully depleted. It can be charged using a 2-pin plug which is available for most homes.

Oral B 2000 cleaning modes

The brush has two cleaning modes including Daily Clean and Sensitive. As the name implies, the Daily Clean is the standard cleaning mode which can clean most teeth stains and debris within 2 minutes. The Sensitive cleaning mode is best used with the brush specified for it which can be bought separately or included in some color variants of the brush. While this is quite limited compared to higher-end Oral B brushes, users can simply choose the brush heads they want for their specific needs such as those for Whitening, Trizone, Power tip, and more for variation (bought separately).

Oral B 2000 Design

The unit comes in multiple colors such as pink and blue. The unit is primarily plastic. It has rubber ridges at the handle which makes it easy to hold while brushing the teeth. To start brushing, users simply need to click the on/off button at the middle which is easy to do for users of all ages.

A design we wish was applied for this unit is a battery indicator as it may be hard to remember to charge the brush when it is only used for two or four minutes every day.

Unfortunately, the unit does not have a travel case which is a standout accessory of Oral B that makes it easier to carry around the brush heads and the unit wherever.

Additional features

The unit has a visible LED sensor which tells users if they are pressing too hard on their teeth while brushing. This is a good feature which helps you maintain your gum and enamel health. Aside from this, it also buzzes every 30 seconds to remind you to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are currently cleaning to provide maximum cleanliness for your teeth.

Do we suggest buying the Oral B 2000?

Oral B Pro 2000 is a recommended electric toothbrush for those looking for standard features for everyday cleaning. It has a visible LED pressure sensor which promotes your gum health along with multiple cleaning modes for sensitive teeth. Besides this, the unit lacks any more features such as Bluetooth connectivity. Still, it is a solid choice if users are only looking for a simple electric toothbrush with amazing cleaning results.

This toothbrush is a recommended affordable entry to the Oral B electric toothbrush series that manages to have its staple cleaning power, pressure sensor feature, and multiple cleaning modes. Compared to the Oral B Pro 1000 which is the cheapest brush, this unit is more recommended because of its Sensitive cleaning mode which is a must for some. Aside from this, though, don’t expect much more features besides being able to provide reliable cleaning for your teeth.