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What are the best digital frames this 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Traditional frames are affordable and have long been used. However, most of the times, some may find it hard to choose the one that can fit any room in their house. This, along with the need to print physical copies of your images and to ensure that it will fit in your frame, is why some wanted to innovate with the use of digital frames. These are tablet-like equivalents of photo frames which display multiple photos in a slideshow for the user and comes with the features you can expect in a digital version such as enhanced photo quality, transition effects, and more. 

Users must have multiple criteria before selecting one as these frames differ in a lot of ways. We have analyzed the best digital frames here in Best Review Guide, taking into account their photo qualities, their pricing, the features it includes, and more. As buyers, we must prioritize some qualities more than others as some may have more budget which they can spend for better photo quality while some may want to save more but still have a digital frame that has a good quality.

Our first choice – Aura Carver Digital Frame

Our first choice is the Aura Carver Digital Frame. Aura, which is a known digital frame company continues to release high-quality frames that comes with innovative features and design that makes their products an easy choice for many. Aura Carver is no different. Its main identifier that sets it apart from other Aura frames is its mostly landscape orientation that is made possible with its 1920x1200 resolution in a 10.1-inch screen. This allows users to show any photos of landscapes, everyday scenes, and more in good quality. It also allows users to display two portrait photos side by side given its large size.

Given that it is made by Aura, the digital frame has a minimalist architecture-inspired design. Its frame is designed with geometric designed. It comes in two colors, charcoal and white chalk, which makes it easily fit any room in your house. The digital frame is made to be placed on tabletops. It does not need an adjustable stand because of its adequate base, making it easy for users to simply place it. Its power cord is adequate enough and is long. The unit cannot be hung on walls, though. 

With this frame, users can store their photos through a cloud storage which can be accessed through an application for both Android and iPhone. Here, multiple users can upload in a shared database which allows multiple contributors for a single frame. This storage is encrypted securely to prevent any leaks. The application also promises to never charge for this cloud storage. It also allows unlimited photo storage for their users. This convenient way of inserting images removes the need for SD cards. It also makes it easy for users to gift the unit, with the recipients already having images stored in their unit upon opening the frame.

Our second choice – Aura Mason Digital Picture Frame

Our second choice is another product made by Aura which is an innovator in the market. The Mason has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 which is smaller than the Carver but is still adequate for both landscape and portrait photos. It has a 224 ppi displayed in a LED screen which allows it to have an excellent photo quality. The frame is meant to be smaller than other frames which can make it easy to place on any tabletops. 

As with Carver, the unit does not have an adjustable stand or a hook as it is made to be placed on tabletops with its large base. Staying true to Aura’s design philosophy, the frame has a minimalist design of matte black tiered bezels that feels very expensive when touched. It has a good photo quality that does not change no matter the viewing angle. It can display photos with vibrant colors and crispness that can give life to duller photos. Its screen allows the depth and contrast of the photos to stand out.

The frame also has multiple features which allow to be very easy to use for any user. First, it has an adaptive brightness which can immediately dim or brighten the display depending on the ambient light levels of the room. Upon the lack of light, the frame will immediately switch off. Even with its changing display brightness, it uses a color correction tool to ensure that the saturation of the photos will not be compromised. 

The frame can easily be set up by the user. They simply need to connect it to the Wi-Fi connection, upload photos to the cloud storage through the application available for both Android and iPhone, and place it on their tabletops. It can also be integrated with iCloud and Google Photos. 

Our third choice – Aluratek 10” Wi-Fi

Given that Aura is one of the more expensive units for digital frames, our third choice, Aluratek 10” Wi-FI is one of the best frames for those in a budget. Created by Californian company Aluratek, the frame has a display of 10.75 x 0.75 x 7.375 which can display most photos of users. The unit has a resolution of 1280 x 800. In contrast to the earlier frames, this unit allows users to store photos through an SD card or through a USB port. The frame is lightweight and can be hung on walls If you want. 

The unit has an internal of memory of 8GB which allows a moderate number of photos. Users can link their Facebook to the mobile app of the digital frame. This can be available for both iPhone and Android users. The frame allows multiple photo formats. It also comes with multiple features such as a calendar and a clock. Users can also set alarms, weather forecasts, and more with the digital frame.

The unit has a good photo quality which can display a good amount of contrast, crispness, and color. The unit allows you to display up to four images at once. It can also play video files. However, its audio quality may be a miss for some. The playback of the videos may also have some issues, with some transitions being problematic. Videos are not a strength for this unit. 

The unit can easily be set up using the small remote of the unit which is battery-run. The unit can be connected to your PC or to a printer which gives it a tablet feel.

Our fourth choice – Nixplay Seed 10

This unit is created by Nixplay which is a British company.  This one is for those looking for more options for their design as it ranges in terms of color, with options like mulberry, mango, white, black, and blue. Users also have several options for their display, ranging from 7 up to 10 inches. The unit has a dimension of 9.37 x 6.34 x 0.8 which is smaller than our earlier choices. It can allow multiple photo formats including PNG, JPEG, and JPG. 

Similar with Aura frames, the unit has an application which can be downloaded in both Android and iPhone devices. Here, users can upload and access their content as long as the digital frame is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can configure the frame here and look through its different features. Users can also integrate social media accounts of Instagram and Facebook for the device. Multiple users can also contribute to the photos of the digital frame. Users are given multiple options for the playback of the photos.

The frame has a slim design which has an adjustable stand for tabletops. The frame has a net-like design that has a good texture. The frame has a good photo quality that does not change depending on your viewing angle which means that it has good contrast, saturation, and more. Upon first using the frame, users will first use an infra-red remote until you connect it to the Wi-Fi. After this, every option can be made through the phone application.

What should you look for in a digital frame?

The main difference between a traditional and a digital picture frame is the fact that you can store multiple photos in a slideshow for the latter and that it is digital. The first thing that you should consider is the photo quality of the frame and its allowed resolutions to see if it matches the photos that you usually display. Next, you should also look at its prices to see if it matches your budget. Lastly, you should consider its different features provided, the design of the frame, and its internet connectivity. Being connected to the internet, after all, makes it more convenient to add photos to the frame and to have more optimizations.