iHoment Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 28, 2020

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The iHoment is a digital photo frame developed by Chinese company Govee. The unit is designed to be capable of doing more features such as video calling and Wi-Fi connectivity along with the basics of a digital photo frame. This makes it an excellent choice for any user. 


The iHoment comes with a 9.7-inch display screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1024x768 with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The screen is designed to prevent glare which makes it good to use even in well-lit areas (such as the living room). The unit is entirely touchscreen which allows it to only have a single button (for power and standby). 

It has ports for power, SD card, micro USB, and USB. It can be easily hung on a wall using a slot at its back or displayed on top of a table using a kickstand. It can be displayed almost anywhere in the house because of its flexible displaying controls. It can even be used in the bedroom as it has an automatic dimming feature which lessens its brightness when used in a dark room. 

The unit has a video camera that can be used for video calling. A disadvantage, though, is that the unit must be plugged in to work which may make it harder to start a call.  


The iHoment has an amazing display that shows crisp and refined details of images even for those taken by digital cameras of older phone models. It has good color reproduction and color contrast. It minimizes any reflections and glares to make it good for viewing no matter the angle. 


The iHoment offers a lot of opportunities for users to fine-tune its settings. Users can regularly change information displayed on screen, speed of slideshow, privacy settings, and more. 

Aside from displaying images, users can also show the current temperature, humidity, and time along with their pictures. 

The iHoment has its own AI named Robola which is capable of understanding basic voice commands. For example, users can ask it to display images tagged as “happy” or “things”. 

The images displayed by the unit can be uploaded through SD, through an application, or through Cloud. 

A highlight feature of the picture frame is its video call capability. This is especially for those who may find the iPad too complex to operate. Users simply need to add contacts through the simple unit interface. The receiver must also have iHoment installed in their gadget or own a unit themselves to be able to answer, though. 


Final thoughts

We liked the iHoment digital picture frame as it had a pretty nice display as well as nice features. It is pretty easy to use for anyone, but we have found that it just wasn' the best all around. For that we suggest taking a look at our reviews of the best digital picture frames to see who we put as number 1, 2, and 3 for the best products on the market today.


  • Has a unique AI for voice controls named ‘Robola 
  • Has intuitive controls that make it easy to fine-tune  
  • Can be used for video calling 
  • Has an amazing picture display quality 
  • Has Wi-Fi and cloud storage 


  • Video call is only available for those with another unit or for those with an iHoment app