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Top 5 Braun Coffee Makers on the market today

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 16, 2020

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Braun is a German company that makes various consumer products. It was founded in 1984 and continues to create high-quality products that range from electric razors, hair care appliances, and coffee machines. The last is easily one of its best product lines due to abundance of its features, its unique design, and the quality of its coffee. With Braun, users can expect top-tier products that can last for a long time but come in affordable prices that makes it an easy purchase for anyone.


Choosing the best coffee maker with Braun

With Braun, their coffee machines vary in terms of the number of cups that you can make, the design of the unit, and the types of coffee that you can make. In choosing the best option for you, you must know your favorites in creating your cup of coffee every morning along with the specific features which you may look for. You would not be disappointed with Braun, though, as based on our reviews, the products are an easy recommend for most users' no matter their specific tastes.


The best rated machine – Braun Brew Sense 12-Cup Touch Screen Drip Coffee Maker Machine

Upon seeing this unit, users will not be surprised with its high rating given its expensive-looking design that is emphasized with its touch-screen interface that has easily readable symbols. Made with steel, the machine can easily blend in with any room you put it in. The machine allows you to have multiple styles of creating your coffee, with its fast, regular, or bold flavors. You can also use the 24-hour timer to make sure that a cup will always be available. With Braun, users can have access to the FastBrew technology which can make coffee enough for 12 cups in under 10 minutes which can help those who are always on the go.

Braun also takes pride in its PureFlavor system which ensures that your coffee will be at the highest quality using the best temperature for extracting the best flavor from the coffee and by retaining its freshness. The machine comes with multiple safety features such as a pause button, shut-off after 2 hours-button, and more.

Customer ratings – 4.4

Most of the customers praised the very elegant design of the machine along with the quality of its coffee brewing. They were also satisfied with its control settings.

The second-best rated machine – Braun KF580 AromaDeluxe 10-Cup TimeControl Coffee Maker

The Braun KF580 is an affordable choice for those looking for a straightforward machine. The machine has a plastic design that is large enough to accommodate 10 cups. The machine has a built-in Brita filter which can help prevent calcification. It also improves the flavor of the coffee. The machine has a timer which allows pausing while mid-brew when you want to pour a cup. The machine also has a filter basket that has an automatic release. With the machine, users can insert a gold-tone filter which is a popular choice for coffee afficionados because of its reliability compared to paper filters.

Customer ratings – 4.4

Customers praised the machine’s simplicity in usage that most coffee makers have forgot with the abundance of features included in other machines. They were also not disappointed with the taste of their coffee which did not have any plastic or metallic taste.

The third best rated machine – Braun KF400 – BLK Aromaster

The fourth highest rated coffee machine is the Braun KF400 that specializes in having a simple way of creating coffee. It comes in both a black and white design. With it, users simply need to turn on the machine to start brewing. Its water dispersal system allows a fuller flavor for the coffee because of uniform saturation throughout the carafe. It uses a plastic carafe that is designed to seal the evaporation inside. The machine also allows the user to pour a cup while it is brewing. It has a swing-out filter basket that makes it easier to replace.

Customer ratings – 4.1

The fourth best rated machine – Braun MultiServe Machine

This machine is the best choice for those who wants multiple options for their everyday brewing. With this, users can brew both hot and iced coffees using the light gold bold setting. It also has an exact brew technology which ensures that the perfect temperature, water flow, and speed will be used for the best flavor with every brewing. With this, users can brew a full pot which can serve up to 10 cups in under 8 minutes without rushing it as doing to prevent compromising the taste. It also has a temperature sensor system which ensures that the perfect amount of heat will be used for every brewing. The machine is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association Golden Cup because of its technology in ensuring optimal brewing.

The machine comes with a glass carafe. The carafe is designed uniquely to prevent it from leaking the moisture inside the coffee to avoid it from being too bitter. It is made of stainless steel which makes it easily match any tabletop. With the machine, users can have three strengths for their coffee. It also has a freshness indicator for users to know if a batch is still available for drinking. The machine also has a hot indicator so that users can avoid being burned.

Customer ratings – 4

Customers like the machine because of the abundance of flavors that you can make with it. The design was also praised because of how it displays a lot of features in a simple way.

The fifth best rated machine – KF7175 10-Cup Thermal Drip Coffee Maker

The KF7175 is alike with our first option but with a maximum output of only 10 cups. As with most of their machines, it also comes with the PureFlavor technology which ensures that the temperature, the brewing, and more will be the best for your coffee and consistent for every cup. It uses a thermal carafe to ensure that the coffee will be kept fresh for up to 6 hours. It comes with two flavors, either regular or bold. To prevent overflowing, it has a smart technology that automatically stops dripping in case the carafe is removed mid-brew.

The design of the machine is also very eye-catching because it is made of steel. It comes with an LCD display where you can control the amount of coffee to be made along with time it.

Customer ratings – 3.6

Most customers loved the design of the machine which can easily match any motif. The LCD display was also very useful in controlling its settings. However, complaints were made about some leaks that happened with some users.