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Why should you invest in a high quality baby crib instead of a cheap one?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 11, 2021

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If you browse the internet to find a new crib for your child, then you will be bombarded with thousands of options with no clear difference between one another other than the looks and the price. Overwhelmed, most people would simply buy something that looks good and have a decent price then call it a day.  

If you are in the middle of that exact same scenario right now, then please read this article till the end before you hit that purchase button. While a crib might seem just like any other piece of furniture for you, it actually holds a much more important role in the life of your child. 

By the end of this article, you'll find out why using a high-quality crib is important for your child. 

What makes a high-quality crib?

Before you fall victim to advertising claims of high-quality cribs from brands that you're not familiar with, you have to know what it is that makes a crib possess such high quality.  

But when it comes to cribs, high quality is not only about the built quality, but also about the safety of the child. As these are the most basic things that would differentiate between regular cribs and high-quality ones.  

  • Simplicity. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that for baby cribs, the simpler the design the better. Choose a crib with simple lines. Stay away from cribs that have lots of decoration, scrollwork, finials, or any other kind of ornaments on them. Because the baby's clothing could get stuck to such details and the result could be dangerous.  

  • Construction and workmanship. They also remind potential buyers to always check the quality of the construction and workmanship. A crib needs to be firm, strong, and stable. It would be better if it has some kinds of metal rods underneath the crib to make the frame more rigid. Try giving the crib a good shake so you'd know how strong it really is. 

  • Durability. If the last point is about the assembly, this one is more about the main material used to build the crib itself. Most cribs are made using woods, but they all differ in the kind of woods that they are using and how they process it. To enhance durability, it is better to seek a crib that was made using solid woods, rather than particleboards made from compressed chip-woods that have been widely used in the industry. 
  • Longevity. With durable woods and expert workmanship, a crib could certainly last for a long time. But longevity here means much more than that. It is how to keep it relevant and functional throughout the years. It is the creative design that allows the cribs to be continuously used as the child grows. 
  • Timeless design. As I've mentioned before, a great crib has to be simple. But simple doesn't mean it has to be boring. There are brands out there that have a minimalist approach when it comes to the design, as it should be, and yet manage to create something that looks stunning as well. A crib could sit in your house for years, so choosing something that would look timeless is a must. 

  • Mattress. Another important thing is the mattress that comes with the cribs. It has to fit perfectly with the frame. A good measurement is if you could fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the frame then it's no good. Babies like to move around, so there's a possibility that they could accidentally place their head or neck within the gap, and again, the result would be disastrous.  

  • Greenguard Gold Certification. One other thing that has become increasingly important is the Greenguard Gold certification. Cribs that bear the mark of this certification means that it has been built from the ground up to minimize the harmful chemical emission. These chemicals might not affect adults so much, but they could certainly cause damage to children, both short-term and long-term.  This Greenguard certification is one of the reasons that we gave the top spot to a high quality crib. We did a review of the Romina Uptown Crib and had it as our top choice.
Why is it good to have high-quality cribs for children ?

Based on the criteria laid out above, two distinct elements make up high-quality cribs, and they are safety and comfort. An excellent crib would provide the ultimate safety for the child while also still giving the utmost comfort at the same time.  

All high-quality cribs put the safety of the child in mind first and foremost. From the design, the material, the craftsmanship, the durability, and even the level of chemical emission, all of these variables are carefully calculated to create a crib that would both prevent and protect the child from any accidents that might harm the child.    

But not only the safety, but a great brand also gives the same amount of care to the comfort side of the crib. Because the safest crib is useless if the child can't feel comfortable resting in it. Only by taking into account these two elements and finding the perfect balance between the two would a crib could be considered high quality. 

So why is it good to have a high-quality crib for your child? Because it means giving a safe place for your child to rest during the crucial early time of their life.  


Looking for cribs that could fit into these specific sets of criteria might require time and effort to research. Not only that, once you come across the right brands, finding the crib with the design that suits your taste is also time-consuming. Not to mention the higher the quality, the more expensive the price would likely be.  

To save some time, you could filter your search only to cribs that have earned Greenguard Gold certification. This should shrink the option by quite a bit. 

All of that hard work and sacrifice might seem like a chore, but it is most certainly worth it. Because a high-quality crib would not only protect your child, but it would also give you as a parent peace of mind knowing that your child is safe even when you cannot be there by their side.