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Romina Uptown crib

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 15, 2021

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The Romina Uptown crib is one of the nicest cribs that we have had a chance to review and think that it is one of the few products that price truley justifies its value. We look at the features and specs of this crib to see what makes it a great choice.

First look / Appearance

The first thing that you will notice when you look at the crib are its clean lines, as the cribs design is right at home in a modern styled house. The contemporary style is ageless and the different finishes that it comes in will ensure that you can match your decor and crib nicely. Overall the Oil Grey and Vintage Grey were some of the cleanest finishes on the market, and have a nice feel to them. Not likely to chip or scuff with a bit of interactions that happen with kids in their bed, it ensures that this piece of furniture can stay in your home for several children without worries.

Safety for your kids

The great thing about Romina furniture is that it is one of the few designers that have a full GreenGuard Gold & GreenGuard Indoor Quality certification. In its most basic terms this means that the mattress and furniture are free of bad things that could cause issues in the air. This is very important as a growing child will spend a lot of time in their cribs, so why keep them in the presence of dangerous chemicals if you can avoid them. The Uptown Classic crib is made with 100% solid hardwood so you don’t have to worry about it peeling or bending when under stress, and all the finishes are made with Non-Toxic and Organic Oil finishes. In the full Romina Classic Uptown Crib review all of these things really added up to testify as to the quality of the company, furniture, and finish of this crib.

Features or the Uptown Crib

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with many different features and accessories that can grow as your child grows, such as a Toddler Rail and the ability to change the mattress settings. Both of these features and accessories will ensure that you can use the crib for as long as you need to. The crib can also be adjusted to be used as a Daybed, which is another great way to get value out of this crib. 


Overall the Romina Uptown Classic crib is one of the nicest pieces of furniture that a child can have, and while it comes at a high price, you can rest easy knowing that this piece of furniture is going to be in your family for as long as you want; and coupled with the safety that their certifications provide you can know your child will always be safe around it.