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Romina Dresser Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 20, 2021

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A low-quality dresser in a child's bedroom is a potential hazard that could lead to a terrible outcome for your little one. There have been cases where a toddler would try to climb a dresser and the whole thing would tip over and fall on him. That is a catastrophic yet highly probable scenario. 

To prevent such a disastrous thing from happening, it is important for every parent to carefully choose a dresser that is not only well-designed but also built specifically with child safety in mind. For that purpose, a dresser from Romina is the best option in the market.

About Romina Furniture

Romina is a Romanian company that has been making furniture since 1991. They used to make furniture for the general public, but somewhere along the way, they decided to focus their attention on creating furniture for children. Now, they are considered to be the best in that particular market.

Romina is famous for its durability and longevity. Every piece of their furniture is sturdy and could last for decades. They also pay extra attention to prevent the use of any potentially harmful chemicals on their products. All of those qualities, plus their timeless designs, are what makes parents gravitate towards Romina's furniture.

Why is a Romina dresser good?
  • Great source material. Every piece of furniture from Romina is made using the woods from European beech trees. This type of tree takes decades to grow and once it fully matures, the wood would be thick and hardened. After harvesting, the wood would be put through a rigorous process with advanced machinery so that it would turn into a very dense and sturdy wood. These qualities are what make Romina's furniture so durable and could last for a lifetime.
  • Timeless design. Romina has eight distinct design aesthetics that you could choose from. Each style would cater to different tastes and eras. So you could rest assured knowing that Romina would certainly have something that perfectly suits your taste. What's more, Romina also designed each of their furniture in a way that would make it look timeless. We will talk more about this topic in the next section.
  • Soft-closing drawer. Romina dresser uses a hydraulic, soft-closing mechanism made in Germany that has an expected life of more than 70 years. This mechanism allowed you to simply gently push the drawers and it would smoothly glide back to close itself. With Romina, there's no longer any need to use your muscles to open and close the drawers. 
  • Free from harmful chemicals. Romina is aware that a child is sensitive to any kinds of chemicals in their surroundings. That's why Romina never uses phthalates, formaldehyde, and other types of VOCs. They manufactured their own ethanol, and only used non-toxic adhesive whenever necessary. That way, both your children and their employee won't be exposed to any harmful chemicals.
  • Eco-friendly. As a furniture company, cutting down a tree is a crucial step in their production process. To minimize the impact of their business on the environment, every time they cut down a tree, they would plant five more beech trees in nearby locations. This and other eco-friendly approaches that they take finally earned them the Greenguard Gold Certification. 
Design variations for Romina dresser

Romina has eight styles that you could choose from, but for the most part, we could divide them into two large categories, the classic and the modern. If the classic was designed to be the attention grabber, the modern was made to blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room. 

The classic has a thick frame, curved boards and edges, and highly stylized overall looks. This is the kind of furniture that you might see in the royal bedroom in a movie. The members of this category are Cleopatra, Antonio, the Imperio, and the Ventianni.  We haven't had the time to review romina furnitures entire line but they all look very impressive.

The modern, on the other hand, has a minimalist look, with straight lines and looks boxier than its counterpart. This is the kind of furniture that you might see in a newly built apartment. In this category, there are Karisma, Uptown, New York, and Pandora.

Additional options for Romina dresser

Other than the basic style, you could also choose additional customization for the finishes and the handles. keep in mind that certain options are only available for certain styles.

  • Finishes. Romina offers 23 different finishes that you could choose for your furniture. From something basic like Navy or Solid White to something more adventurous like Denim or smokey cloud. No matter which one you fancy, all of the finishes only use organic stains and pigments to prevent any contact to harmful chemicals.

  • Handles. Romina has 14 gorgeous handles custom-fitted for your orders. That being said, there are only five main designs, art nouveau oval, art nouveau bouquet, Celtic knot, crystal dome/ball, and round flower. The rest is simply a color variation of the main designs. 
The price of a Romina dresser

With such premium products, it is no surprise that Romina also has a premium price tag. In other words, every piece of furniture from Romina is expensive. For the dresser, the price may vary between each style but on average, the single dresser cost around $1,200 while the double dresser cost around $1,800. 

For a dresser, that is a fantastically high price. You could easily find something that costs several times less than that in every department store. But the fact of the matter is, when it comes to quality, there is simply nothing like the one made by Romina. 

Their dresser cost three or four times as much because it is three or four times better than other brands in the market.

Should you buy a Romina dresser?

If you simply want to buy a great dresser, then Romina is certainly one of the best options you could find. But if you want to get a dresser because you want to put it in your children's bedroom, then you have to buy a Romina. 

As I mentioned before, there have been cases of a fatal accident that happened to a child because of a poorly-made dresser. So, if you want to put the dresser near your child, you have to be sure that it was made to be strong, sturdy, safe, and most importantly, it was made with children in mind. 

That is why you should get a dresser from Romina. They cost more than average because they are way better than the average. And if you take care of it, you might even be able to pass it down to your children. How amazing is that?