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Lotus travel Crib review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 19, 2021

Lotus travel crib with carry case and child


Travelling with a baby may just be one of the most difficult things to do as a new parent. From hassles at the airport to the need for both comfort and security for the baby, a lot of factors must be considered before being able to travel. In case the trip is inevitable, it is important for parents to purchase a travel crib so that they and their baby can get the best sleep no matter where they are. These baby cribs are specifically designed for this with their foldable parts and their lightweight construction compared to standard ones.

A baby needs to sleep inside a specially made mattress that is usually put inside a crib or a bassinet. Letting babies sleep in an adult bed would be dangerous for them. That's why most parents hesitate to bring their child traveling with them. 

They have everything they need at home but other places most likely won't have baby facilities within their accommodation. And no matter how lightweight your crib is, it is still impossible to bring it around. So is it impossible to travel with your little ones?

The answer is no, you can certainly travel while taking your baby with you. With the latest Lotus Travel Crib made by Guava Family, you could safely and comfortably bring along your child wherever you want to go.

About Guava Family

Guava Family Inc. is a company that designed and manufactured baby gears. Established in 2009, Guava Family identified a market of frustrated parents who can't take their child traveling with them. So they created portable and lightweight products to solve that problem. 

The result is incredible. Their products take the market by storm. This California-based company has since become one of the leading brands in the baby equipment industry. And this Lotus Travel Crib is one of their most popular and innovative products yet. Overall their Guava Travel Crib has been one of the nicer products we have reviewed and their quality is very impressive.

Features of Lotus Travel Crib
  • Lightweight and Portable. Lotus Travel Crib from Guava Family is a crib that could be folded into a compact bag to maximize its portability. Once you tuck the crib into the bag, you could either handle it like a suitcase or use the extra strap and use it as a backpack. The overall weight is only around 13lbs. This functionality is what makes this product the ultimate portable crib in the market. 

  • Compact size. The dimension of the crib when you set it up is 42” in length, 32” in width, and 25” in height. But when you fold it into the backpack, the dimension is only 24” in length, with 7” width, and the height of 11”. The full-size crib has a dimension similar to that of a mini crib. Perfectly suitable for infants. While the folded version is around the same size as a standard golf bag.  

  • Easy to set up. When you purchase a Lotus Travel Crib, it would come folded inside the travel bag. Once you open up the bag, it only takes minutes to set it all up. Once you get used to it, it would only take seconds to set up the whole thing. The same thing with folding it back. Turning it into the folded form takes the same amount of time as turning it full size. 

  • Side mesh and zipper. In its full-size form, Lotus travel cribs use a soft yet strong mesh wrap all around the size of the crib. This is great for the airflow inside the crib and it also makes it easy for parents to see their child from afar. What's more, one side of the crib has a zipper for easy access to your child.
  • Built quality. The fabric and other material used for this crib are sturdy yet soft to the touch. The frame of the crib is also rigid and extremely durable. All of these elements combine, and you get a crib that would match the strength of a full-size regular crib. If you take care of it properly, it would be possible for this crib to last for years to come. 

  • Greenguard Gold Certification. Greenguard Gold is a certification regarding harmful chemical emission from furniture and other types of product that is aimed towards children. This is an indoor air quality issue that might affect the long-term health of a child. Greenguard Gold has one of the most stringent evaluation processes in the world and their standard is accepted globally. So by being a Greenguard Gold certified product, Lotus travel crib has proven that it is truly a safe and healthy product for your child. 

  • Affordable Price. When I write this article, the price for this Lotus travel crib on is $209 before shipping. There are lots of regular cribs that cost much more than this. So when you consider the features and the benefits of this product compare to the regular crib, then it is clear that it is a very great value for your money. 

  • Modern design. Lotus travel crib was made to look as modern as possible. There are no unnecessary decorations anywhere in the products. Everything was made to be functional yet still manage to look good and minimalist.'s ratings and reviews on Lotus Travel Crib

When I wrote this article, the Lotus travel crib from Guava Family had earned a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating from over 1400 customers on This rating shows universal satisfaction from most buyers of this product. And the reviews certainly showcase that fact.

A customer by the name of Kristen M stated, "...So far, the travel crib has been great. It feels very durable, well-made and safe, which is the most important. It unpacks, sets up, and packs away literally in less than a minute, as an added bonus as we will be on the move every 2-3 nights this trip...."

Another customer named Shawn F stated, "...It is very portable. When folded up in the backpack bag, it's very easy to carry around or throw in an overhead bin...."

Most customers found the portability, the ease-of-use, and the built quality as some of the defining features that stood out the most to them. They also said that the side zipper is one of the most helpful little details of this product. 

One other thing that is often mentioned is the lack of sheets. It is not a deal-breaker but it would certainly be nice if the Guava Family decided to include one in the future.


If you like or need to travel and you currently have a small child, then this Lotus portable crib is the best solution for you. 

There's no need to cancel your travel plan or settle with improper accommodation for your child. With this lightweight and portable crib, your baby would feel safe and comfortable wherever you go. 

The abundance of features that come with such an affordable price tag makes Lotus travel crib one of the best value cribs in the market right now. So don't hesitate to get yours now. 

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