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Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 28, 2021

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Guava family is a relatively new family company that aims to provide elegant and efficient products. They are especially known for their products like the Bassinet Conversion and the Roam Crossover Stroller. These products undergo a strict set of safety tests to ensure that it will be good for all families. They also use high quality materials to ensure the sturdiness and long-lasting quality of their products. One of their most known products is the Lotus Travel Crib which many baby and travel blogs have complimented.

Lotus Travel Crib

Being a travel crib, it is designed to be as compact as possible. In fact, all of its components can even fit inside a single backpack. This makes it very easy to carry in airports and include in your baggage. It is also quite light yet sturdy at the same time which is the perfect combination for carrying around.

Figuring out how to use the product is easy. Being familiar with the assembly and disassembly process only takes a couple of minutes. After this, users can set up and collapse the product instantly given its intuitive design. To set it up, users simply need to stretch the legs and lock it into place. To collapse, users simply need to squeeze these locks. While set up, the product will remain in place even with heavy winds and some pushes from the toddler inside it. When we did a Guava Travel Crib review, we found that it was a great product it just wasn't comparable with actual cribs in the same category. But as a travel crib it was great!

Once fully collapsed, the product can be folded into a rectangular shape which is inserted into the nylon travelling bag.

A good feature of the product is the durable and quiet zipper door. Even with some force from the outside, the inside remains protected which makes the product good for outdoor camping. The quietness also makes it good to use during the night once the toddler starts to get drowsy. This also has a lock in it that ensures that the toddler will not open it from the inside.

Guava travel crib design

It mainly uses a black and white design that keeps it looking pristine and modern even if used outdoors. The product mainly uses a light metallic frame to hold the walls of the crib. The walls are created with a light yet secure mesh that freely allows air to enter. Parents can also easily peek inside to see if their toddlers are sleeping.

Users can fit a plush quilted or cotton fitted sheet inside. Inside, the product has adequate space for toys to be inserted and also some crawl space for the toddler.

Guava Greenguard certification

The product is ensured to be safe as it is free from lead, Phthalate, and BPAs.

It also comes with a GREENGUARD Gold Certification. This is only given to companies who have undergone strict testing of their whole manufacturing and designing process. This ensures that there will be no toxic chemicals present in the product which may later cause respiratory problems. The Gold certification that was given to Guava also ensures that it is especially geared towards infants and toddlers which makes the product very safe to use.

Guava travel crib drawbacks

There are only a couple downsides with the product.

First, there are no fitted sheets that are already included in the product. This means that it needs to be bought separately. With it being fitted and perfect for the size of the crib, it is a necessary purchase which may disappoint those who initially thought that they were buying a complete product with the crib.

Aside from this, we also encountered some issues with the Velcro zipper which didn’t always close as seamlessly as advertised.

Aside from this, the product is a very good purchase.

Final thoughts on Guava Travel crib

In the end, the Guava travel crib is a very solid purchase recommended for those who want to travel conveniently. It is lightweight, compact, and secure which are the qualities that parents need to ensure. The GREEENGUARD Gold certification makes it an even better choice for ensuring that the respiratory health of the toddler will not be compromised and that there will be no toxic chemicals present in it. Lasty, the easy set-up and collapse process makes it very convenient to carry around anywhere.

Guava Family’s Lotus Travel Crib is a solid choice for travelling because of its light weight and its compact size that can easily fit inside its provided travel bag. It is also very secure because of its zipper lock and its sturdy metal frame. It also has GREENGUARD certification that ensures the safety of its materials.


  •         Lightweight and compact, friendly for airport travels
  •         Has a secure zipper that secures toddler
  •         Has adequate space for crawling and for toys
  •         Has a GREENGUARD Gold certification
  •         Made from metal, sturdy mesh, and more


  •         Has minor issues with the zipper
  •         Fitted sheets are purchase separate from the crib