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How good are Romina Furniture’s cribs?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 24, 2021

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When looking for a crib, it is only natural for most parents to be quite selective. This is because their baby will be at a sensitive point where everything must be baby-proof, non-toxic, and safe for them. Because of this, they are usually ready to shell out a couple more dollars to have the best quality of cribs. For this, they would want to look for the option with the best design, the best durability, and features that can make the crib last for a long while. Among most furniture brands, Romina is one of the few which has all of these qualities.

Who is Romina Furniture?

Romina is a premier brand that was launched back in 2008. They are known for their high-quality of production which is very eco-friendly and barely contributes to the carbon footprint. With them, users are ensured that products will not have any rubberwood, MDF, or veneers. They have made it their mission to provide users with topnotch quality inspired by modern minimalist trends along with a durability unmatched by other companies made possible by their use of sustainable but high-quality wood. If users have a bit more budget for purchasing a crib, Romina is the best option for them.


With Romina, users are ensured that the whole process used for creating the product is free from any toxic materials. In fact, the adhesives that they use are mostly made from beeswax. The finishing is also either oil or water based. They also mostly use beech wood for their products which are selectively used to ensure the best quality and moisture content. This allows their products to last for a long while to make their user’s money worth it. Aside from being a good marketing aspect, they are also helping in lessening the carbon footprints of their consumers.


Design of Romina cribs

However, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean being lacking in variation. With Romina, users are given a lot of minimalist and modern designs mixed with vintage trends and inspirations depending on their preference. This comes in various finishing and color palettes to match the user’s preference. Most of their designs can easily be blended with any room of the house because of its equal proportions and its designs that are harmonious for all parts of the house. Creating a room with them is easy, too, as most of the product lines come complete with a crib, a double dresser, a baby changing room, and more.

Romina baby cribs

The baby cribs from Romina are one of the most sought for especially because of its non-toxicity and healthy design. The first design for baby cribs is the Standard Baby Crib. This comes with three height settings. This can also be converted into a toddler bed by purchasing the toddler rail which allows protection for the toddler while asleep while also giving them a crawl space. The standard baby crib can also be customized to include tufted sides which are designed with organic materials that give the crib additional design and comfort for the baby. This is also handy for those who want to ensure lesser chances of accidents within the nursery.

Next, Romina also has a convertible crib. Aside from the earlier mentioned toddler bed option, these cribs can be converted into a full bed using the conversion kit that is also bought separately. Through this, users will be ensured that they will get their money’s worth because of the long-lasting lifetime of the crib. Converting it is also easy and can be done by any adult because of the intuitive design made by Romina.

Romina Crib lines

With Romina, users will never be disappointed with the design options. This is because of the countless design lines offered by the product that can cater to any specific taste of the users. We have reviewed one Romina baby crib and it is our top rated choice for baby cribs. We can't wait to do more reviews of their multiple different lines.

First, they have the Antonio design line that gives users the known “Queen Anne” legs for their furniture that elevates the design of their product. This is mixed with traditional lines and finishing techniques that are inspired by Spanish architecture.

Next is the Pandora design that especially stands out with the use of European Oak grain for its texture that adds depth and accent to their units. The lines for this design line are more straightforward and harmonious with the shapes used by its sculptural metal feet.

The New York line is the best option for those looking for a modern-art inspired product. With them, users can display the laser cut applique design with pride that makes their baby crib look like miniature exhibits of a modern-art museum. This is one of the few mid-century inspired design lines of Romina which is mainly filled with vintage-era inspired ones.

The Ventianni is Romina’s design that is inspired by the 1920’s. This can be seen with the clean lines of the product that accentuates the color palette selected by the color. This design line prioritizes sophistication mixed with hard lines and edges.

The Cleopatra is the option for those looking for dramatic curves which strongly resemble Victorian-era designs mixed with the colors and classic lines of modern minimalist trends. With them, users can expect round and curvy lines harmonious with each other to create a classic design that makes colorful patterns used with it go well with each other.

The Uptown collection is especially known for its modern and contemporary design which favors thin lines mixed with a heavy frame that uses comfortable angles and textures.

The Imperio collection is known for its soft curves and wide angles that goes well with its panel boards. It is designed with architectural design that makes it go well with either urban or country-inspired rooms.

Last is the Karisma design that mixes modern designs along with a gender-neutral inspiration that can be seen by its thin lines and soft edges. It prioritizes simplicity and elegance.