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Angelbiss Portable Baby Crib Full Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 23, 2022

Mother and baby in crib


When it comes to baby cribs, the comfort and safety of both the baby and the parent is important to consider. Before purchasing one, parents must have a list of priorities to be able to pick the best unit for their lifestyle. Baby cribs come in multiple versions such as mini cribs, standard ones, convertible ones, and portable ones, all of which accommodate different parent preferences. Among all of this, several factors such as its safety, the quality of the materials used for creating it, and its features are some of the most prioritized.

We have done a bunch of full crib reviews which cover both portable and fixed ones, so if you are needing a new place to lay your little one down make sure you check it ou.

Who is AngleBliss?

Angelbliss is a relatively new name in the baby product industry which is why their products are still being introduced. Even with this, they have received good reviews from Amazon that are not lower than 4 stars. Aside from baby cribs, they also offer baby play mats, teething toys, and other accessories. From what we can see in their products, they focus on providing baby products that are easy to carry around everywhere while still having reliable quality that can help it last for a long time. The materials they use are also of high-quality and can be easily cleaned. 

Angelbliss Portable Baby Crib

Angelbliss’s Portable Baby Crib is the best option for those looking for a crib that they can easily carry around the house. Even with this convenience, the unit is very safe and reliable even with all the modifications that users can do with it. This makes it safe to use for those who want to transfer the crib to another room while returning it back to their bedroom during the night. Instead of the usual wooden design of other portable baby cribs that are partnered with wheels on its legs, the unit instead comes with lightweight but sturdy metal legs that have a firm grip on the floor. 

The nice thing is that being a portable crib it can move around with you and it is meant to be set up and taken down. Compared to a fixed one it will not be as sturdy, but you do give that aspect up for portability. If you are wondering which is better for you, a portable or fixed crib , make sure you read our reviews and really know when and how you will be using the crib.

AngleBliss Crib Features

Angelbliss boasts the scientific design of their unit which is especially applied to the base of the crib. This allows a 3 in 1 swing mode made possible by the bending rods at its bottom. The parallel bar can be adjusted depending on the preference of the user and the baby. This allows a 15-degree swing angle that is easy to use for the parent while relaxing at the same for the baby. The most important part is that it is still safe to use even if adjusted, which makes it easier to relax a noisy baby during the night. The parts were also not stiff when adjusted which shows good production quality. 

Convenience of usage

Being a baby crib designed for any room of the house and the bedroom especially, the baby crib has an adjustable frame that can make it easy to fit any room of the house easily. To move the crib around, users simply need to use the wheels of the unit and then adjust it once more for it to stay on the spot. This makes it easy to use the crib as a stationary one or as a trolley. The four-wheel design makes it easier and safer to navigate the unit outdoors.

The baby crib has adjustable frames that makes it easy to attach to the bed. Users simply need to twist the sides of the unit, lower its side, and then attach it to the edge of the bed. To make it safer, the unit also has a sturdy guardrail that can keep the baby in the unit even if they move around a lot. Even if the sides of the crib can be removed, it stays solid in its place when both sides are attached. Users also do not need to be worried by the height of the crib as they enable up to ten height adjustments. This makes it easy to put the baby crib beside almost any furniture such as sofas and beds. This makes it easier to frequently check on and breastfeed the baby. 

Breathable sides

The baby crib has a breathable frame that makes it easier to peek through the sides of the crib. At the same time, it also improves the breathability of the unit with the fine holes of the unit. The mesh of the baby crib is sturdy while allowing adequate air to enter. In case you need to clean the sides while you attach it to the sides of the bed, you can easily use the zipper structure to remove both the fabrics at the sides and the mattress cover. 

Parents will also be pleased to see that there is a “magic storage pocket” on both sides of the baby crib that is large enough to store diapers and tissues in.


One of the important factors to be considered by parents is the materials used for creating the baby crib. Given that babies stay in their cribs most of the time in their early months, it should be free from any toxic chemicals that may cause irritation to the eyes and breathing of the baby. Given that it will be used near the bed of the parents, the air quality of the room should be considered.

With AngelBliss, users will be pleased to know that the mattress is 100% cotton which makes it comfortable to sleep in. It also uses high-density fibers that make it gentle to the skin of the baby. They are also compliant with ASTM F2906.

Thoughts on the AngleBliss crib

AngelBliss’s Portable Baby Crib is one of the most convenient products we have ever tried. The unit is made with materials that are lightweight yet sturdy and safe. Even with all its removable and adjustable parts, its good production quality makes it very safe to use. It also has a lot of features that makes it good for both a stationary and a moving crib.