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Amke 3-in-1 bassinet review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 12, 2021

baby in a bassinet


For the first three years of their life, your child can't sleep in the same bed as you because it's not good for their body. They need special beds like cribs or bassinet. 

For this reason, different brands and manufactures create their own unique cribs and bassinets design with varying degree of price and quality. But if there is one thing that you should never compromise on, it's the quality. 

A high quality crib is crucial to your little one's overall health, especially during their early times. That's why a high quality bassinet like the one from Amke is perfect for your baby. This brief article will cover all you need to know about their bassinet to help you decide whether or not you should give one to your child.

Amke 3-in-1 bassinet benefits

The Amke bassinet is perfect for newborns until they reach the age of four months.That's why you should get a good bassinet first in order to help them properly support their body and then move on to a proper crib later on. 

Out of the other options that are available in the market right now, the Amke 3-in-1 bassinet is one of the best choices that you can get. The reason is simply due to the combination of its durability, versatility, and comfort.

Amke excels in those aspects way more than other similar brands. Not only that, they also manage to balance a sleek and modern design with great functionality and ergonomics which resulted in a good looking bassinet and yet still so easy to use.

Features of the Amke 3-in-1 bassinet
  • 3-in-1 convertible. As the name suggests, you can convert this Amke bassinet into three different modes based on your particular need at the time. You can use it as a basic baby crib with great stability, you can use it as a baby bedside sleeper, or you can use it as a regular bassinet. 
  • Great durability. Amke 3-in-1 bassinet was made out of premium aluminium material to create the perfect combination of durability and lightweight. The thick aluminium alloy frame also contributes a lot to the overall strength and integrity of the bassinet.
  • Adjustable height. This bassinet from Amke also comes equipped with an adjustable height feature. There are six different heights that you can choose from in order to maximize your interaction with your baby. There's an adequate space between each height level and you can move from one height to the next with ease. 
  • Great ventilation. Amke 3-in-1 bassinet was designed with a mesh that wrapped around its side. This mesh is soft yet extra durable at the same time. This design choice not only makes the Amke 3-in-1 look sleek and modern, but it also provides great ventilation and air flow for your little one. 
Pros and cons of using Amke 3-in-1 bassinet


  • Easy to use. Amke 3-in-1 bassinet is so easy to use. You can convert it from one mode to the next easily, you can easily adjust the height, and you can also assemble the pieces easily. 


  • Expensive. All of these premium features from Amke also come with a premium price tag. When I wrote this article, the price of a unit of this bassinet was around $300.

A great bassinet is crucial for your child's early development and the 3-in-1 bassinet from Amke is certainly a great choice for your child. It is equipped with great features, it’s durable and also easy to use. It is a bit expensive, but the price certainly reflect the premium quality