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Top 5 best rollators you can buy

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 8, 2019

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Rollators are the solution to assist people with trouble in mobility and stability. This may include seniors, patients, and disabled persons. Rollators are especially recommended by specialists because of their capability of assisting in motion and preventing patients from falling.

Walkers are a design that allows people having trouble with their lower body to move freely but with the price of speed for support. Rollators are better equipped with motion as they come in with 3 to 4 wheels that allow patients to move faster. They also have brakes in order to prevent accidents from happening.

  1. Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator

This one is known for its numerous features and accessories that are usable in most situations. Its cushion is comfortable and is double-added. Its backrest can be easily folded, making it easier to transport around. It has a sturdy frame that is tested to be durable. It can be adjusted to match the height of the user. It has a lock that keeps it completely stable when being pushed. It weighs 18.6 pounds. It can carry patients up to 300 pounds heavy. What sets it apart from its competitors is its good price, its durable frame, and its easy and flexible manoeuvre.

  1. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare R8 Blue Aluminum Rollator

This unit is particularly known for being one of the cost-friendliest. Even with this, it still manages to have a wide range of accessories and features.

Its lockable loop brakes are reliable and of high-quality. It has a padded seat that has a storage bag that makes it better for those that are on-the-go. The quality of its frame is very good. Made from aluminium, it is incredibly durable. Even with this, it only weighs at about 7 kilograms.

Its tires are good for manoeuvring around. It can swivel easily and follow a path with a lot of corners. It is also capable of crossing paths with uneven surfaces. The handles for the unit are adjustable. It also easily fits a user’s hand for them to feel more comfortable.

It is small when folded which makes it friendly for carrying around. The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare R8 Blue Aluminum Rollator is one of the best among its competitors because of its ease of use and its durability. 

  1. Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Walker

This one is known for its comfortable design. A good feature of this is its hidden compartment that allows you to keep stuff hidden. The zippered pouch is barely noticeable in the unit which allows you to bring stuff along with you without worrying of others seeing it. Its brakes are reliable and are designed with a feature to prevent users from rolling away when not held. It is friendly for outdoor walks and adventures because of its capability to roll even in uneven surfaces. It is also easily swivelled around.

It is very light, measuring only at 17.2 pounds. This makes it easy to use for those that will push the rollator.

  1. NRS Healthcare M66739 Compact Easy Rollator Wheeled Walking Aid

The NRS Healthcare M66739 Compact Easy Rollator Wheeled Walking Aid is known for having a reliable frame and a good ergonomic design. It has a weight limit of 136 kg and handles that are easily adjusted for any user’s own customization.

The frame for the rollator is made of aluminium which makes it both durable and light. It is only weighted at 8 kilograms even though it can carry more than ten times. Its handles are moulded for it to be easily gripped. It also has brakes that give control for users. Another good feature for this is its reflectors, which allow others to see it even during the night. This can be a crucial feature that can rescue people from potentially emergency cases.

It can be easily folded and fit inside even a cupboard or a car. This means that you can carry it around to a lot of places. It is easily manoeuvred in uneven surfaces and it is easily pushed too.

  1. Days Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator Walkers

The Days Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator Walker is another rollator that is best for those on a budget. Even with its low price, it still has good features and durability. Its support is one of the best among others as it has 165 kg support for body weight.

Its brakes are reliable and easily used. It can be locked to prevent users from rolling away. It has an ergonomic design that ensures comfortable use. It also has handles that are comfortable and steady when gripped.

The handle can be changed depending on the height of the user. It can range from 81 cm to 93 cm which ensures that a large group of users will be accommodated. It has a seat that is comfortable and padded. It has a safety bar that is cushioned and soft to the back. A bag is available for users to be able to bring items along with them.

What sets Day Lightweight Folding Four Wheel Rollator Walkers apart from its competitors is its low price and its high weight capacity that rivals more expensive brands. Necessary accessories are also included in the product to ensure that a wide range of customers will be serviced. This is best recommended for those looking for a rollator of high quality for a low price.