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The Best Mini Massage Gun: Bob and Brad's Q2 Mini Massage Gun Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 5, 2023

Bob and Brads Mini Massage Gun


The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun is one of the newer versions of a product that has been around for years. Massage guns have evolved from a specialized device available only at physiotherapist offices to something you can use at home.But the more recent versions have become smaller and less intimidating, to the point that almost anyone can use them without issues. So when we had the chance to get our hands on one to review, we jumped at the opportunity, as we already have a larger one but have often debated the usefulness of a smaller massage gun.

So when the package came, we were very excited to try it out. Find out what our reviewers thought of the product and what we found out after testing it for a full week after some pretty strenuous activities.

As always, with anything related to your body, we suggest that you read the product guidelines and speak to your family doctor before starting anything new in your life. This is just a good course of action, and this product is no different. So please make sure this product is right for you and your situation before you order it. And if you would just want to check out the product right away, just click here , and you can see all the other information on their Amazon listing page. 


Introduction and overview of the massage gun

So let's get started with the review with a general overview of what this package comes with. Upon opening the box in the mail, we noticed right away that it comes with a nice carrying case. While you might be thinking that this is standard, we can tell you that it is not always the case with massage guns. We have actually purchased a larger one that was delivered in a bag. It has several attachments that fit nicely into their specific spots within the case and are held snugly in place. There is even a little pocket that holds everything else that you might need for it to work.

There is a nice weight to the case, and the majority of that comes from the massage gun itself. It has a sleek look but does provide a bit of grip due to the finish of the handle. Overall, we are off to a good start and have plugged it in to get it fully charged to test it out. So let's look at the options that the Q2 mini massage gun offers. Here is a picture of the carrying case with all the attachments:

carrying case for Q2 Best Mini Massage Gun


What Are the RPM Options, and Why Do they Matter?

The very first thing that we noticed when we got the unit fully charged was that there are several different options as far as the speed goes. Usually we expect there to be around 3 units in this price range, but this device has 5 different options. They are 

- 1800 RPM

- 2100 RPM

- 2400 RPM

- 2700 RPM

- 3000 RPM

Now, you might be wondering why this even matters, as to be honest, the first time we tried a massage gun, we didn’t know either. The higher the RPMs, the deeper and more intense a massage you’ll get. A higher revolution per minute means that there will be more vibrations per second, resulting in increased levels of circulation, pain relief, and relaxation.

A higher RPM means more percussion (times it makes contact with your skin) per minute. We found that this was perfect for targeting deep tissue areas to get rid of knots. Secondly, lower RPMs are great for providing gentle relief in sensitive areas such as the neck or shoulder joints, where too much pressure can cause discomfort.

Using different speeds also gives users greater control over their massage sessions by letting them adjust based on how they’re feeling during treatment. Whether you’re going for an intense workout recovery session or just looking for some light relaxation after long days of work, having adjustable speeds makes all the difference when using a massage gun. This is the first thing that we noticed, because, as we said before, most of the smaller options only have 3 options as well as usually having fewer RPMs than the Bob and Brad option.

Features of the Product

We’ve gone over the RPM options in depth because, to be honest, we think that it is the best ( and one of the most important) features of a massage gun. And now we will go over the rest of the things that we have found here.



Right out of the packing box, we were taken back by the weight of the package. It was surprising, as usually the smaller massage guns feel a lot lighter. But this one comes in at around 1 lb. So, while it isn’t super heavy, it isn’t super light either. It has a nice weight behind it that feels like it is up to the job of getting that hard-to-reach knot out of your back.



The next thing we noticed was how it looked and felt. The massage gun has a matte black look to it with some highlights of glossy black. While this doesn’t sound all that exciting, the truth is that it is well thought out. The rubberized matte look provides much better grip to the handle, and the gloss area is around the head, which just makes it look nicer.

The shape of the massage gun was great and fit in everyone's hands that tried it out. Coupled with the weight, it was actually easier to use on the hard-to-reach spots than our larger one.

using the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun on a leg


Head attachments

Another surprise with this package is that it comes with five different head attachments. We know that it doesn’t sound too exciting, but it really comes down to expectations and outcomes when we test out products. as we weigh the costs and compare them to others. We have a very cheap option at home that came with a single head and a very expensive one that came with six heads. So, for the price, it was impressive that this package included five.

The different heads allow you to modify the way that the massage gets to your body. With different heads and different RPM options, you have the ability to target different parts of your body. This can range from deep tissue in specific areas to sensitive muscle groups. You wouldn't want to get the same massage on your back as you would on your knee or elbow, would you?With different heads comes the ability to customize the feel of the massage.

These multiple heads lead us to our next section, which we thought deserved a bit more detail as it was one of our favorite parts of the package.


Carrying Case

The carrying case of Bob and Brad’s Q2 mini massage gun is a gem among rubies. Like an oasis in the desert, it provides convenience when it is needed most. With its sturdy construction and ample space for the massage gun, five attachments, and a pocket for the extra grommets that come included, it really is perfectly thought out.

Its sleek design doesn’t look out of place at home or in your luggage, and it provides enough protection that you aren’t going to be worried if you toss it in your gym bag. There is a hard enough shell to let you know it can handle a drop (though we wouldn’t suggest it), but it also has enough flex that it won’t poke through a bag.

On top of this, we just thought the print on the box looked nice. And again, we know that this isn’t something that is mind-blowing or revolutionary, but for the price, it shows that the product and package were designed with the users in mind. We have all had products that we wish they had just kept a couple more details in mind, but with this package, we can’t think of anything else we’d really be wishing for.


The motor

We briefly touched on this in the above section regarding the RPM options, but we wanted to go over this a bit more because this is where we were really impressed. Usually, when you find a great deal on something, you expect there to be a drawback or a snag that you just accept. And we were really hoping it wasn’t the motor, because that is the most important thing about massage guns.

After a full week of testing, running the battery down, recharging it, and using it a lot more than a normal person would, we can say that the motor of this unit is built very well. We were expecting it to be a lot louder than it was, honestly, because of the price. We had kind of reserved the fact that there would be a "gotcha" moment where we understood why it was cheaper. but we didn’t find it in the motor.

They say that it is a proprietary brushless motor design. While we are not engineers, we know what we like. And this unit was pretty quiet, didn’t heat up after a full session of use, and didn’t lack any power for us.


Possible Drawbacks

While we were very impressed with this unit and its overall package, there were just two small aspects that needed to be noted. As great as it was, these two things have to be known prior to buying.

The first is that it does not come with a charging adaptor, which isn't a big deal.This isn’t a huge deal by any means. And they clearly state it on their Amazon and product pages. Some units come with all the required hardware, and this package comes with the charging cable. Around here, we have a lot of extra adaptors, so it’s not a big deal, just something to be noted.

The second is that it does have less power than a full-sized model. Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it is a smaller and more economical option. They do not try to hide it, as it is clearly labeled the Q2 Mini Massage Gun. If you require very deep muscle penetration or simply want more power in the impact of the heads, you should consider a different option.For us, it had enough power that it could replace our heavy-duty one because it did get the knots out, and that is what it is all about for us.

We were very pleased with the overall package and did not consider these two issues to be deal breakers.Just something to keep in mind when ordering.



Overall, we really liked the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to people who are either looking to try out massage guns or looking for a portable version. It is a great introduction to massage guns and very simple to use due to its simple design.The attachments ensure that you can massage most of your body parts and don’t really leave you missing out on anything.

For the price point, it would be hard to find something that compares as far as quality and value because the similar ones we have used either cost a lot more, which isn’t a great comparison, or felt like they provided a lot less options and output as far as RPMs and overall massage quality. If you would like to order one you can get it directly from Amazon by clicking here:

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