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What are the features of the Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 1, 2019

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For those who can afford it, a massage chair can be a very useful investment. It can help you relax and treat certain physical affections. It is good for both the body and your mind. It can also save you a lot of trips to the massage parlor or chiropractor and you can enjoy the benefits of a massage in the privacy of your home, anytime you want.

Titan TI-7700 - What are its features?

The Ti-7700 is a very popular massage chair distributed by Titan, one of the brands owned by Titan World. Titan World LLC also owns the Osaki branch. The company is based in Texas.

TI-7700 is a zero gravity massage chair that comes in several colors: cream, brown, black. It has an S-track roller system and it weighs a bit over 180 pounds.

What is the price of the TI-7700?

The TI-7700 can be purchased for approximately 1,900 dollars. While it is not a price anyone can afford to pay, it is an average price in this industry. Full body massage chairs equipped with similar features to the TI-7700 often cost more than that, because they are complex machines capable of getting very close to the human delivered massage.

Unless you opt for the White Glove Delivery, the TI-7700 will be delivered in 4 pieces and you’ll have to assemble it yourself. However, it is not such a difficult task and you will receive an instructions manual in the package.

Features of the TI-7700

The TI-7700 uses 6 massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, palm and punching.  

It has 5 presets (comfort, stretch, healthcare, relax, full air) and 5 intensity levels for each of this massage programs.

The TI-7700 is equipped with 28 airbags, located in all the important areas of the body: arms, hips, etc. These airbags inflate and deflate to mimic human hands and the pressure in them can be set by you according to your needs.

The TI-7700 has another useful feature: heat therapy on the lower back, thanks to its built-in heaters (two in number).

The vibrating feature is also note-worthy and it’s possible through a vibration plate that is located in the seat of the TI-7700.  

The Zero Gravity feature is a must for any massage chair in this price range. The TI-7700 has a zero gravity mode that comes in two stages. The second stage is the most reclined one. In this stage, your legs will be positioned higher than your heart level. This position is known to have a very beneficial and therapeutic effect on your body.  

Titan includes a remote control with the TI-7700. The remote is quite bulky and traditional but it allows you to easily access the settings and presets. It has an LCD screen that is large enough to see all the data displayed on it.

The TI-7700 from Titan is a full body massage chair that offers massage to every major part of your body, from your lower back to your arms and shoulders, feet and calves.

The TI-7700 may not have smart features such as WiFi, music capabilities and other fancy functions, but it is a solid massage chair that massages your entire body, using heat, vibration and 6 massage techniques.