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What is an ionic toothbrush and are they better than a manual toothbrush?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

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Toothbrushes are an integral part of taking care of your dental hygiene. While these come in different types and sizes, traditional brushes have long been used by many. It is very convenient to purchase and work simply. With recent innovations by dental companies however, these products have slowly started to be the worse options for users nowadays. This is because its cleaning results largely depend upon the effort and technique of the users which can make results inconsistent. These also need to be replaced completely every 3 months to ensure that it will be hygienic to use and that its bristles are still sturdy for brushing.


What is an Ionic toothbrush?

Because of the issues that we’ve mentioned, ionic toothbrushes were created. These are still relatively new in the market but are fully advisable for any user. It uses a technology new to dental hygiene with its use of charged particles to clean the teeth. It does not need much force and pressure from the user. With this unit, users simply need to point it to the parts of the teeth to be cleaned. These come in a sturdy model that does not need to be disposed of every few months.


How does an Ionic toothbrush work?

As our physics lessons taught us, ions are charged particles that are present everywhere. Positive and negative charged particles attract each other. Simple enough, right?

This concept is then applied to the teeth. The teeth usually have a negative charge. Food debris and other buildup also have negative charges on them which makes the two parts attracted to each other. When left, it can cause bacteria buildup and the rotting of the teeth and the formation of cavities and other damage to the teeth.

Ionic toothbrushes can be used to turn the charge of your teeth into positive ones. With this, the buildup that has formed on top of it can be easily removed even with the use of your own saliva. There would be no need for too much manual brushing which may damage the enamel of the teeth when overdone. The toothbrush creates a closed circuit which includes your teeth, saliva, and the brush itself. This whole process only takes up to two minutes to finish which is similar to the duration of cleaning with electric brushes. This makes ionic toothbrushes very efficient.


Why is an Ionic toothbrush better than your old one?

Ionic toothbrushes have a lot of advantages over manual brushes.

First, the product can remove more buildup from the teeth more surely. It does not depend on how good the technique of the user is in brushing. Its results are generally more consistent among all of its users given its mechanism for cleaning the teeth. With its use of charged particles, buildup easily leaves the teeth with just a light brushing from the user. The unit can also be used with or without toothpaste with its use of ionic charges. Because of this, users can save more.

Next, the product only needs to have its brush head replaced regularly. This is to ensure that it will still be hygienic to use every 3 months. Removing and replacing it is also easy because of the intuitive design of most ionic brushes. The same thing is also done for electric brushes which is why it should be familiar for those who have used these before. In contrast, manual brushes require users to dispose of the entire unit every 3 months which, aside from being inconvenient, is also unhealthy for the environment.

Finally, the product is very compatible with a lot of users. It can be used for people with sensitive teeth and gums, those which have ongoing dental issues, and more. It runs on a single mode that many people can use without any issues.

Are there any badsides to an Ionic toothbrush?

There are still some downsides with the brush, though. First, it has more limited cleaning and dental hygiene functionality. For example, users cannot use teeth whitening features that usually need more pressure to the teeth for it to work properly.

The brush also does not have much variation for cleaning the teeth given that it only uses charged particles to work. For example, it does not use oscillating, rotating, and vibrating motions for brushing teeth which some electric brushes work.

Are ionic toothbrushes safe?

Being a brush that uses charged particles to work, some users may worry about the product being dangerous to use. The good news is that it only uses very minimal charges to work which does not harm or numb the hand at all even when activated. It only uses the appropriate amount to remove the buildup from your teeth without much difficulty. In fact, it can even be safer to use compared to manual and electric brushes which may accidentally strip your teeth’s enamel if used too hard.



The main benefits of ionic toothbrushes are its very consistent way of cleaning your teeth, its compatibility with many user needs, and the fact that only its brush heads need to be replaced regularly.