Is Whirlpool WTW5000DW a good top-load washer?

By: Hailey | Last updated June 7, 2019
basket of clean folded laundry flowers on top of towels whirlpool WTW5000DW top-load washing machine


  •    Very simple design
  •    Controls that are easy to understand
  •    Above-average efficiency in washing
  •    12 wash cycles, temperature control, progress bar
  •    Uses washing impeller


  •    Lack of modern features
  •    High electricity and water usage


The Whirpool WTW5000DW is a perfect washing machine for those looking for simpler controls and familiar settings. With a design reminiscent of older units, it is the definition of ergonomic and practical. If you’re looking for a machine that is capable of doing a lot, this is not for you.


Modern washing machines can be overwhelming for users who are used to simpler controls and functions. New end units have modern functions including steaming, sanitizing, oxy-cleaning, and more, with most functions being unnecessary for the average consumer. The Whirpool WTW5000DW is a standout because of its simple approach in terms of design, functionality, and its above-average cleaning efficiency.


The design of the machine is simple. It is a long, rectangular upright tub that has a square cover. It has a clean colour of white. The only thing that designs the unit is its set of controls in the shade of gray. This is what makes it a hit for those who prefer familiar and older models of washing machines.

The washing machine uses dials instead of touch-screen controls which are common in other modern units. A common complaint about the newer technology is the difficulty of using it because of its over-sensitivity to wet hands.

The only innovative part of the machine are its improved controls. Although it stands by its simple design, its functions are not really far behind newer competitors. The features you can see in the panel includes rinsing options, presoak options, soil level, wash temperature, and cycles of wash. Your progress can also be monitored through an indicator in the middle of the panel.

There aren’t much to do with the machine which can either be a pro or a con depending on the user. It is best used by a solo person or a small family. It is also recommendable for those without much time for laundry.


The cycles of wash included in the machine are:

  •    Casual
  •    Delicate
  •    Cold Wash
  •    Deep Water Wash
  •    Heavy Duty
  •    Bulky Items/Sheets
  •    Clean Washer
  •    Quick Wash
  •    Soak
  •    Rinse and Spin
  •    Drain and Spin
  •    Normal

The machine uses a washing impeller that uses a lot of water in comparison to other machines. This is bad news for those looking to reduce water costs. In fact, the machine uses about 45 gallons of water for its Heavy Duty cycle which is a lot. It guarantees good washing results, though, as seen through tests. It can easily clean through common stains like dirt and mud. The Heavy Duty cycle, in particular, was more efficient in cleaning in comparison to others.

The washing machine was able to clean clothes with three types of stain (mud, sweat, and ketchup) in two rinses with its Normal Cycle set at the Normal Cycle. Its cleaning is mainly attributed to its washing impeller and its use of water.

The rate of energy use for the machine is average in costs, with yearly bill estimates reaching $100. The machine is not Energy Star certified.


In the end, this washing machine is best for those looking for a straightforward design. It is simple in terms of both design and functionality. Those who are used to older units will easily understand the control panel and its dials. Its cleaning efficiency is above average with the price being high usage of water and electricity. It is best for people living alone and small families with users that prefer simple and ergonomic controls.

By: Hailey | Last updated June 7, 2019