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BestReviewGuides weekly post recap

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 6, 2022

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This article provides a weekly update on the posts from our website. It includes information on the most popular post of the week, as well as highlights the best articles and guides of the week right here. We have been focusing a bit this week at aspects of business travel, organization, and just an overall look at how to keep you happy in your house ( even if it might be a stressful time) We hope that these excerpts and links to the full articles will make your life better for when you view our site. We know we can put out a lot of articles that can get lost or missed, so we will be doing these weekly updates going forward. We will break down the top posts by categories: 2. Business 3. Our favorite - Finding the best haircut for you


The top posts for you and your home at BestReviewGuide

Who doesn't love coming home to a clean house? But, let's be honest, who has the time to keep their house spotless all the time? If you're like most people, you're probably looking for ways to make your cleaning routine more efficient. This is why we did our first recap post about the best ways to store stuff around your house.

This one is a new thing that we are trying around the house because to be honest we just have STUFF sitting around everywhere. With kids around they have more stuff, and everywhere we look there is more.... STUFF. We had to write this one up after watching a show on Netflix called Tidying up with Marie Kondo. This really helped us and for that we thank her and Netflix. So if you are being quickly overwhelmed make sure you check that post out.

The last recap post we have is a helpful one for people who might be having issues with the keeper of the cars. And by that we mean the garage door. Sure it is awesome to have a garage, but no one ever tells you about the horror stories that come along with the garage car door opener. If it isn't the batteries dying at the worst time, or the door just not feeling like opening up there can be some irritations that come with this wonderful invention. But don't worry, if you have had those issues ( or are looking on ways to deal with them when they arise) check out our guide on the easy fixes you need to know how to do for your garage door.

Weekly recap on our business posts

The business section of our site has grown, and will continue to do so. No we won't be telling you about what bussinesses to open, but rather offer some guides and tips on things that can make your business a better place. One of the price examples is our first business post recap that we have here.

We started the week off with a post about the easiest way to make sure you have a stress free and productive business trip. importance of SEO for businesses. Going away on work trips don't just have to be touch down, get in your meetings and leave. No, you can have your plans set up so that you can have a bit of time to relax in between meetings, have some good food and maybe... just maybe... get to see the attractions the place you are visiting offers.

Our favorite post of the week - How to get the perfect haircut

If you're looking for a new haircut, look no further! This week's post features the best tips and tricks for getting the perfect haircut. As a guy who has no clue what to do with his hair this post helped to some extent. While it was written a bit more on the feminine hairstyles we actually found out a lot of info we had never thought about before. People have different shapes of faces? You should get your haircut to work with the shape of your face? Who knew?! Not us, and that is why we thank our writers for putting together this post that outlines the best haircuts for the shape of your face. If you are thinking of switching up your style, make sure you check out that post. It also gives examples of celebs that have the shapes of faces that we talk about.

Upcoming posts:

In the past week, we have published several new posts on our website. Here is a preview of some of the upcoming posts that will be published in the next week:

1. The top 7 Event Marketing Software for Businesses - This one will go over the best options for businesses that want to start using emails within their setups. This actually took a lot longer than expected just because honestly there are so many options and so many features that are offered. We looked for what a starter setup would need. You don't need every single feature in the world, we just want you to get what you need to get the benefits you are looking for.

2. Turf vs. Grass: Which is better? - This is a great post for those either thinking of redoing their outside space around their house, or even planning on building a new house. We know that grass is awesome, but it's easy to forget that you have to take care of it. Maybe your space needs new grass so you have to plant some seeds or put sod down. Then you need to water it, and even fertilize it. Then you need to keep it up, assuming there are no other issues. THEN you need to cut it and keep cutting it. And then on top of that you are now left with the clippings. So it is a lot of work, and there is another option which is Turf. We take a look into the pros and cons of each, so you don't have to! So make sure you keep your eyes out for that article.

3. How to make the perfect cup of Coffee - This is a quick guide that has some awesome tips on how to make the best coffee you can, EVERYTIME, at home. There were a couple of coo

l tricks and things to keep in mind when making coffee which has resulted in us getting better cups consistently. We used to have some days that had great coffee, and others that made us just want to see if the tears we were crying could help out the sad, mudlike goop we churned out in our attempt to recreate that perfect cup of coffee.


It's been another busy week on our website! He hope that our quick update on some of the most popular posts from the past 7 days has helped to make sure you don't miss our favorite ones. We will continue to keep putting out articles and hope that they help to either save you time, money, and sanity. We do all the research for these reviews and guides so that you don't have to and try to help everyone find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

As always, thank you for coming by the guide and checking out what our team here has to share. We hope that we helped you in one way or another, so please keep coming back to check in for new posts from the bestreviewguide team.