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Our guide to the top 3 E-commerce Shopping Carts to Boost Your Business

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 7, 2021

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With the rise of modern technology, everything is within our grasp and at our comfort. From online gaming to virtual banking, it’s all swipes and clicks to get whatever we want anywhere. Yet, one of the best things that happened is the creation of online stores – e-commerce for short.

Demands quickly rise as soon as the e-business world is discovered. Despite many entrepreneurs trying to set up their business, only two outcomes are guaranteed: success or failure. Getting profitable sales is tricky, but with skills and our best three e-business platform recommendations, you’ll soon outshine your competitors.


Nothing can beat 3DCart’s efficient marketing tools on becoming the leading e-commerce store against other businesses. It guarantees a stage for beginners to customize their online store, making it ideal for everyone. Unfortunately, templates are limited, and some aren’t visually appealing.

Nonetheless, the Florida-based best e-commerce shopping cart lets you try it free for 15 days. It comes with unlimited storage and email account support, and you can always contact the customer service team. The best part is there’s no commitment when you pay, and you won’t even need a credit card.

3DCart’s Billing Plans:

  • Basic Store - $29/month
  • Plus Store - $79/month
  • Pro Store - $229/month

End-to-End Commerce (US-exclusive) - free trial, then $229/month


Similar to 3DCart, Volusion offers revenue-generating tools that you can take advantage of. However, it has a sales limit on what you’re selling, which is pretty disappointing. The pricing fell short as well, though it offers more features when you pay more.

Getting started requires no credit card, and 14 days is already enough. Fifty payment methods are available waiting for your customers. Also, we guarantee its straightforwardness, and should you have concerns, customer support is your go-to place. 

 Volusion’s Billing Plans:

  • Personal - $29/month
  • Professional - $79/month
  • Business - $299/month

Shopify, does it ring a bell to you? If it does, it’s because the e-commerce shopping cart competes with BigCommerce and Volusion. The Canada-based platform also provides you with enough marketing tools to help in climbing sales.

Although we consider it as one of the best e-commerce platforms, Shopify has its flaws. For example, URL isn’t 100% customizable, and creating sub-categories will give you a hard time, affecting SEO.

Planning to create your brand online starts with 14 days free where you won’t need any credit card. Make sure to spend the trial wisely since there are no strings attached. All that is waiting for you is an incredible online store with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Shopify’s Billing Plans

  • Basic Shopify - $29/month
  • Shopify - $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify - $299/month
Features to consider

Picking the big three e-commerce platforms isn’t simple. We consider not only the price, but a lot of factors, so you can choose the best one. But don’t worry, as we will spill the features we found common on Shopify, Volusion, and 3DCart.

Insertable product photos

Let me ask you a question: what do you look at first when buying an item? The picture, right? Well, it does matter, and its value is nothing other than plain text with the price tag. A high-quality image provokes a potential customer to buy your product, so make sure it’s on a plain white background.

However, make sure the size and quality are high so that customers can zoom in. Remember, bigger is better. 

Product search

As self-explanatory as it is, the product search is a handy inclusion to an e-commerce platform. It lets buyers or visitors search for a specific item they need. Pretty cool, huh?

User experience: product reviewing

I don’t know about you, but product reviews (well, at least most of them) are trustworthy. Familiar with Amazon? They have this “helpful” or “report” button if there’s anything odd about the feedback. Regardless, the ability to add comments on your product builds trust. 

Product filtering or faceted search

Now we have the search button on your magnificent online store; what’s the next step? Most people, when searching, consider what an item could be – either white-colored, XL, or branded. In this case, product filtering or faceted search comes in.

Filtering for a specific product is like adding tags or attributes so relevant results will appear. Customers usually won’t waste time searching “t-shirts” and scrolling it to the bottom until they find what they like. Just make sure it’s present on your online store, and the e-commerce platform will do the rest.

Cart management and seamless payment

Buying a neon keyboard for your PC? Or a tripod to help you capture the world’s beauty? Or perhaps you need a new self-help book. Whatever the reason is, a virtual cart should be in your store. It’s where your customers can keep the items they want to buy.

However, to avoid cart abandonment, your online store must have a smooth transaction when paying. This means a wide choice of payments is available, and the process is instant. You don’t want to decrease your sales, do you?

Discounts and promos

One of the reasons for cart abandonment or your sales not increasing at all is the price. A good e-commerce website must know how to read the mind of its customers. “It’s payday. Why aren’t there any discounts at all?”

Yes, we’re talking about discounts. It’s where you deduct a percentage of an item’s price, and unsurprisingly, this feature significantly boosts the brand and generates more revenue. Yet, be careful overusing discounts as you don’t want to lose your business.

Besides giving consumers a cut from the original price, how about coupons? It comes in codes and is one of the best ways to attract them.

  Sales report

Keeping track of everything about your sales is a must-have. It bridges the gap between your store’s strengths and weaknesses so you can apply the necessary action.  

Available to any language

Giving a gist on your business is slightly problematic if a potential customer doesn’t understand the language you speak. While this feature is only a piece from a bigger picture, it’s a significant step in globalizing your business. More customers, more profit, correct?


One wrong move, and your growing business will end. Maybe add security to your store next time? Or how about making sure the e-commerce shopping cart you use has advanced securities, like 256-bit encryption?

Lucky for you, almost all online business platforms are not a fan of cybertheft, and you should too! This also helps in building your customer’s trust and increasing sales as they feel comfortable. 

Responsiveness to mobile devices

With Smartphones dominating the planet, taking advantage of them is another way to earn faster. Make sure your e commerce shopping cart has this feature so that you won’t be outdated.


Creating a business isn’t the easiest out there as it’ll cost you a fortune, especially if you’re into e-commerce. The competition is always challenging, and it will always be. Although we greatly suggest 3DCart, Volusion, and Shopify, better e-commerce platforms will soon replace them.

Honestly, it’s not about online business hosting or its features. Remember that it only makes your work easier so you can earn sales. It still lies in your skills, but do you have them to outsmart your competitors?