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What can DriverFix do for your system? What are its features and is it safe for your PC?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 13, 2021

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Editors Note* To ensure that you are working with the newest version of DriverFix we suggest going to this page to download the program. This way you can ensure the drivers you are trying to update are the latest, safest, and easiest to install: 

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When maintaining the computer, one of the parts that we often forget to fix are the drivers. This is because most of the focus is given on finding and deleting malware, clearing out excess files in our computer, and downloading system updates. The drivers of the computer have a lot of effect on its performance. After all, it connects the hardware to the operating system, allowing parts like the keyboard, mouse, and screen to work in harmony. We do a full review to show you what it is, what it can help fix, and if DriverFix is safe for your system or not.

How and why do you need to update drivers?

The drivers of each hardware part are naturally installed once you connect it to the computer. This allows some basic functionality for the user. However, users should know that drivers are continuously updated by the developers of the hardware. This is to ensure that they will always be up-to-date and capable of running newer applications that may have more demanding requirements. With every update of the driver, users can ensure a more stable performance of each part, and generally better speed and stability. The drivers of the computer should always be updated to ensure that the computer is always fully maintained.

For those who plan to do it manually, updating the drivers regularly could take a lot of time and patience from you. First, you would have to rely on the Device Manager that is built-in to Windows. Here, you can view the current drivers installed in the computer for each hardware part. Information such as its version will be displayed. You will then have to search online to see if this driver is the latest for the specific hardware. If it is not, you would have to download the latest update and then install it to the computer. With dozens of drivers being in your computer, regularly doing this will be tiring for many.

Aside from this, the user can simply depend upon the automatic Windows updates that happen about once or twice a month. Along with the system updates of your operating system, Windows may also update some of its drivers. However, users should take note that not all drivers are updated by Windows and some may be left out for you to update yourself. This makes it very unreliable to depend on.

Finally, the best choice and the most recommended for everyone is to use a driver updating application. This is specifically made for updating the drivers of the PC. With the application, users can update all of the drivers with just a couple of clicks. The whole process has a straightforward manner, from scanning, downloading, and then installing. The drivers installed through this process are certified to be genuine and safe for your computer. These driver updaters are targeted for users who may not know much about the technicalities of the computer along with those who want to save time in updating the drivers of the PC. Overall , if you are looking to update your drivers automatically then DriverFix is probably the best bet for you.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is our best choice for a driver updating program. It is made for Windows computers. The application comes with multiple pricing plans. It also comes with a free version to let you test out its features. Finally, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The application has a very good interface that displays the different features of the application very simply. Upon first opening the application, the user can start the scan of their computer. In this part, the PC will look through your different hardware parts and check for its current driver version. From here, it will sort out those that are outdated and those that are not. After this, the application will let you choose which ones to update.

After this, the application can start downloading and then installing the drivers to your computer. The drivers that they will use are those approved by the manufacturers of the hardware which makes it compatible with your PC. These are continuously updated to ensure that users will always get the best versions of the driver in their computer.

Additional features

The application also comes with a driver backup where it can store older versions of your drivers. This is in case the user wants to revert to an older version of their files. This is also an important tool to ensure that you will still have a copy of your old drivers in case an error happens while updating it.

Next, the application also has an update scheduler which ensures that the application can still run even if you do not manually open it. This ensures that you can still receive the most updated drivers in your computer even if you forget to open it yourself. This is an important tool as drivers are regularly updated by its manufacturers and remembering to update them every time may not be easy for everyone.


Upon testing this on a Windows 10 computer, we found the application to be very powerful in its driver updating process. We instantly felt an increase in the performance of the PC when running newer applications. We also experienced better system stability which was proven by having less bugs and crashes. The application also runs with very minimal resource usage. This means that it is a very good application to use even while you use other applications. We were able to open gaming and video-editing applications while it ran which shows that it uses minimal RAM. This means that even lower-end and older PCs can run the application. So overall, we found that the price of DriverFix was worth it, as it made the computer run quicker than prior. This was because they found drivers that were out of date , which could have been done manually but there were no notifications that alerted us. 


As stated above, the application will do a full scan of the computer first before updating its drivers. It will also download files to it. Because of this, some users may be very cautious about downloading the application which is only reasonable.

The good news is that the DriverFix is very safe for your computer. Upon testing, it was able to pass antivirus and antimalware application scans. It also did not cause any slower performance to our computer. We also did not have any unwanted additional files in our PC which shows that it only downloads drivers to our PC and nothing more.

The application can also be uninstalled very easily from the computer. Its uninstallation process is the same with other apps as it can also be removed through the File Manager of Windows.

Customer service

The application has an FAQ available on their website where they can have answers to important questions. Upon checking, it was very informative and useful. However, aside from this, we found it hard to ask for instant replies to our specific questions.

When it comes to payment concerns, the service is very cooperative which shows that they are very reliable.


DriverFix is an application that can be used to update the different drivers of your computer. It is safe for the computer and is very helpful in improving its performance.