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What are the features and benefits of Site123?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated January 29, 2020

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Website builders are the amateur’s friend in website designing. Technology now allows us to create our own website even without having basic knowledge of coding. Website builders are intuitive, functional, and simple to operate.

Site123 is one of these website builders. It is known for having all the basics that you will need to create a website either for personal or business use. It allows you to create a website through easy features that are guided by templates. One unique feature about is it that it allows you to pick a certain design niche at the start. The results of your choice making them give you recommendations based on your preferred design.

Speed and ease

The interface of Site123 is close to familiar website builder WordPress. It features simplicity and ease of use. The design of the website mainly focuses on the templates which they provide for users. It has six buttons on the left panel that makes it more accessible.

The start of the creation of a website starts with the homepage button that customizes the website name and logo. This is also where you will decide the template to be used. It is designed to have its users easily organize the pages neatly and separately from the menu options. It is also responsible for the overall visual template of your website.

The basic tools like headers, footers, social icons, styles, and fonts can be changed through the design menu. A simple change in the font for one paragraph changes the entire font design of the website which might be either a good or a bad thing. This is because some may prefer to use different fonts for emphasis on particular parts.

Site123 lets you change the domain where you can modify a subdomain or connect it to your own. It also lets you see the website through the eyes of a visitor through the preview button.

Even the technical jargon included in creating a website is simplified for Site123. For example, complex terms that may not be easy to grasp as amateurs have a tiny question mark tagged beside it. Hovering your cursor over it open a tiny bubble where a simple explanation of the tool’s purpose is given. Settings for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and meta tags are included here.

Features of Site123

Site123 has a variety of plugins that you can add to your website to increase. This includes apps like Google Analytics, Twitter, and Yandex. This makes it easier for you to monetize your website in case it is your priority. Do note, however, that most of the apps are only centred to social media and Google which makes it quite limited.  

For a service that offers free website creation, Site123 has an impressive security feature. All of the websites which you will make automatically has an SSL encryption that prevents your website’s users from having their data stolen. Aside from this, it also has an autosave feature that saves all of the customizations you have made so far to prevent it from disappearing during a crash.

Aside from this, Site123 can also be used in an online market. Your customers are able to pay for your services or goods using direct transfer, PayPal, and credit card. E-commerce business is easy to manage using the app. You may have some difficulties in terms of presenting your products creatively, though, as the tools for Site123 feels too restrictive.


Site123 offers four payment plans and free service for its customers. Overall, the features of the tool are made for the lightest and most simple websites. Given the fact that certain changes in fonts and headings apply to your entire website, Site123 offers website-building that is clean, straightforward, and simple. It may be too restrictive for some, though.