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Duda Responsive Website Builder Overview

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 11, 2020

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Pros of Using Duda

  • Multilingual options
  • E-commerce integration
  • Easy monetization of websites
  • User-friendly interface
  • Freedom in website constructions

Cons of using Duda

  • Lack of choice to create your own domain

Mobile website creation is a hard task that requires you to prioritize audience interest and the best design to match your interests. Boasting features like multilingual tools, website personalization tool, and affordable prices, Duda Responsive Website Builder is one of the most renowned ones among these services.


  • Easy to use – The mobile website builder is built with a simple interface that both beginners and experienced users will enjoy. It allows you to look at your website whether it will be viewed from a mobile phone, a tablet, or through a computer. It has a large set of features and modern designs. You can use an empty template if you prefer doing it by yourself. Their designs are responsive and intuitive.
  • Multi-lingual support for Duda – This is one of the few mobile web builders that have options for websites with other languages. It gives access to major languages and characters from other countries. This can be accessible for all payment plans which means that the service is friendly for customers globally. It is also SEO friendly.
  • Flexibility for users – The Duda Website Builder allows users to create domains through Duda. You can also link prior-created websites to your Duda plan for you to better enjoy their services. SSL encryptions are also available. Users are allowed to add additional widgets and features to their website including pop-ups and information bars. You can also insert advertisements for you to monetize your website. The application is not-restrictive with users.
  • E-commerce – You can also create an online shop where you can sell up to 2500 articles.
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly – Those aiming for more audiences will be glad to hear that the website builder also prioritizes Search Engine Optimization or SEO in their services. Their SSL encryptions allow search engines to better see your website. You are also able to see the statistics of your visitors in order to better analyse your next activities and posts on your website.

Creating a website with Duda

Creating a website using Duda Website Builder is quite easy and straightforward. You will start by selecting either a template or choosing to create things from scratch. You will then choose the target gadget of your website including tablet, mobile phone, or the computer. Elements are easily dragged. Uploading images is also fast.

Those with more experience with HTML can customize it to fit their tastes better.

Pricing for Duda site maker

The pricing for Duda is quite budget-friendly. $14.25 is charged for the most basic plan that allows you to create multilingual websites and have your own domain. $22.50 is charged for the team plan that allows you to have an online store with more than 10 in your catalogue. $74 is charged for the agency plan that allows you to add up to 10 team members for the website.

Final review of Duda website maker

Duda is best for those who want an easy mobile web designing service that has multilingual features and ready-made templates. Their features are easy to use and intuitive. Their e-commerce feature is also user-friendly. It is easy to earn from the service through their advertisement monetizing an online store feature. Their pricing is quite budget-friendly and reasonable for its features. Their visitor analysis tool also allows you to make better choices in relation to building your website.

What they lack, however, is the choice of having a self-made domain. This may especially be a deal-breaker for bigger companies that would like to have more autonomy with their website.