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An overview of Jimdo website builder

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated March 11, 2020

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Out of all website makers available on the market, Jimdo prides itself as one of the easiest to use. Anyone who wants to create their own internet site can easily understand the features of this program which is why they have been able to create over ten million websites as of today.

Pros of using Jimdo

For starters, Jimdo is extremely easy to understand even for the most amateur in terms of website creation. Tools like fonts and elements on the website can be changed with a few simple clicks. Jimdo is also optimized to improve your SEO ranking when being searched online. You are given the ability to change URLs, titles, descriptions, and other factors which might improve it.

It can also be used through your phone or through your tablet which is a function that allows you to be able to freely take your editing everywhere. The customer support for Jimdo is also knowledgeable and quick to reply.

Jimdo also offers an online store that allows you to be paid through Paypal or through manual payments. This can be a good offer for those who may want to sell their products through the same application.

The interface for Jimdo is true to its intended purpose. It is light and easy to understand. It also offers a lot of templates for those with no particular intention for the design of their website. It can even be comparable to Powerpoint with how easy you can drag and resize boxes to your convenience.

The cons of using Jimdo

The templates of Jimdo can be a big help for those who want an easy and creative way of presenting their websites. They can, however, be quite restrictive. Some controls and designs may already be locked, forcing you to go with whatever is already presented.

Pricing of Jimdo

Even without subscribing, you are already entitled to 500 GB of storage and 2 GB of internet bandwidth for you to use. This goes to show how generous Jimdo is and how confident they are that people will subscribe to their services.

If ever you are already satisfied with what you see, Jimdo offers a Pro plan priced at 7.50$ per month. It allows you to use most of the application’s services including website building. At 20$, you are given the Business level of subscription. This allows you to be able to use their online shop.

Final Review of Jimdo

Because website development can be quite a nightmare for those who have no knowledge in creating it, simple website building applications like Jimdo were created. This one is specifically for those who prefer templates and pre-made designs in contrast to making their own. The creation process can be even comparable to Powerpoint. This proves its user-friendliness and ease-of-use.

The only con in using this is its restrictiveness when using its templates. Some parts of your design cannot be changed because of Jimdo’s prior design to it. This may be a deal-breaker for those who have more knowledge in the creation of websites especially those who may prefer more complex designs.