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ZeroVPN Overview - Is it worth it?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 29, 2020

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Internet security is no longer just an accessory, it is a necessity. While browsing the internet, we put ourselves at the risk of having our gadgets infected with viruses, tampered with malware, or even worse, spied by third-parties. Because we upload our information online, hackers use this to their advantage. They can sell our information after tracking us online, which is a big issue for those who upload their contact information, credit card numbers, and personal information online.

Because of this, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have been developed. They are capable of masking our online actions by making us anonymous. By making us connect to a specific server and then using a different location point for us to be seen as coming from, we are secured from spyware and surveillance.

ZeroVPN is one of these. Founded on 2017, this Virtual Private Network is available for Android users for free. This makes it more accessible and useable than others.

Speed of ZeroVPN

Using VPNs will make your internet connection slower than usual. This is because your internet connection is redirected towards a private series of tunnel which will lead to a private server. This server will be the one to connect to the website that you want to access, which makes you anonymous. Aside from this, the information you enter is also encrypted.

Because of this, internet speed is affected in the process. It happens for all VPNs, which means that the contest will be about the remaining speed even after the process of making you anonymous.

ZeroVPN stands out among free VPNs as its speed can still be reliable even after the process of making your information unseen. It’s not up to the speed of your original connection, however, it is still reliable.

Security of ZeroVPN

Being a VPN, ZeroVPN is certainly more reliable than a proxy. This is due to the encryption it gives your connection.

The only concerns surrounding the VPN is the fact that it promises its users that it will remain always free, which makes it bad for business and the fact that it is not available for iOS, which has stronger security protocols for its users. ZeroVPN must release a statement for its users to become more confident in trusting its services (others have pointed that it may be a bitcoin miner or a surveillance app itself, which doesn’t really sound promising).

Application interface

The interface for this VPN is easy and simple to understand. With basic controls and functions, you can easily access the web with security.


The VPN allows you to be able to choose a country that you will be displayed to be coming from. You can be from Canada and choose to show yourself as coming from the US. This is possible thanks to the countless servers that the VPN offers.

Some apps may also be unavailable to be used in other countries. This is especially bad for those whose jobs rely on connecting with foreign employers who may prefer to use certain applications that may be unavailable. Using this VPN will help you unblock geo-restrictions.

Conclusion – 8.5

In the end, the best features that a VPN can offer are reliable security and speed. ZeroVPN provides users both of these for free, and so it is definitely one of the must picks when looking for an application for internet security.

 Speed – 9/10

Reliable internet speed that is good for a free VPN.

Security – 7/10

Security and privacy concerns are always included in talks about this VPN. ZeroVPN needs to release a statement to ensure users first.

Application interface – 10/10

Simple and clean to use.

Functions – 8/10

It has everything a VPN must have. A kill-switch feature would be a good addition though.