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ZenMate - How good is this VPN?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated June 29, 2020

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As more and more people seek to utilize VPN services in order to protect their online activities and keep hackers and other dangerous people away from their data, the market for VPN is hot as of the moment with many new brands joining in and hoping to take away a share of the market. ZenMate is one of these VPN brands that seek to establish itself as a reputable and respected brand in the business and in order to do so, it has brought in its own set of unique features and capabilities that allows it to stand out from other brands.

Features of ZenMate

One of ZenMate’s noticeable features is its ability to support a wide variety of devices capable of connecting to the Internet. From browser extensions to full PC capabilities and even in smartphones and smart TVs, ZenMate is a flexible service that can deliver secure VPN connection to devices that need it. In terms of available connections, ZenMate meets the industry standard of five connections per account which is sufficient enough for an average user.

ZenMate also features a pretty extensive network of VPN servers, 298 servers spread across more than thirty countries. This allows its users to access more content in the Internet, as some of them are usually only available to select countries or regions. A prime example of this is Netflix as it usually blocks access to content that is not licensed to be shown to other regions. ZenMate is capable of bypassing this problem with Netflix and gives you access to content that is available to your VPN server’s region.

A torrenting-friendly VPN

ZenMate is also capable of bypassing censorship tools and services of countries, giving its users living in these countries the capability to access a greater portion of the Internet with more freedom and control. This increased freedom and access is not limited to censored material, as users can also use ZenMate for peer-to-peer networking or otherwise called torrenting.

While ZenMate denounces the use of its services for illegal activities like piracy, it is still committed to bring useful features to its users without any strings attached. In its efforts not to only offer security from active attempts to steal information by other people, ZenMate is also capable of detecting malware and tracking while also blocking their attempts to infect and gather data from your device while using the Internet.

Encryption and protocols used in Zenmate

The encryption technology of ZenMate is excellent as it uses OpenVPN for its premium versions while still offering the sturdy and reliable IPSec IKEv2 & L2TP protocols for free versions. As VPN services continue to develop new technology and features to deliver better performance and utility to its users, ZenMate continues to innovate and provide new features to its users in order to stay competitive in the market. As shady elements in the Internet continue to develop new ways to exploit and steal information from Internet users every day, ZenMate and other VPN services remain vigilant and at the ready in order to make sure their products will always be an asset and a tool to protect your privacy.