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Which one is better: CyberGhost vs NordVPN?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 29, 2021

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A Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as a VPN is a method that allows its users to have secure and private internet access. With a VPN, you could hide your personal information from hackers, your ISP, and even from your Governments. 

Some people use VPN in order to bypass an internet restriction imposed by their government. There are also people who use it simply to watch a Netflix show from other countries. No matter what is the reason, using a VPN for your daily internet session is always a good practice.

Out of every VPN provider out there, there are two in particular that always manage to rank within the top three of most major tech publications. They are NordVPN and Cyberghost VPN. This brief article will compare the two and find out which one is the best.

Who is NordVPN

NordVPN is a VPN provider that is based in Panama and has been in the business since 2012. What started as a simple server out of a Windows PC made by four childhood friends has now evolved into an industry-leading company with more than 14 million users and growing. 

Since its inception, NordVPN's philosophy has always been about internet freedom. Users have to be able to feel safe whenever they use the internet. That's why they always strive to create solutions and improvements in order to give the best internet experience to their users.

Who is CyberGhost?

Cyberghost is a VPN provider that is based in Bucharest, Romania. The reason why they built their HQ in Romania is that the country has one of the strictest online privacy laws. They believe that in order for them to create the best service for their users, they have to be based on a country that takes data privacy seriously as well.

The company was established in 2011 but it was acquired by Kape Technologies, PLC, a giant in the cybersecurity industry in 2017. Since then, they've witnessed rapid growth and now have become one of the most popular VPN providers in the world. 

NordVPN and Cyberghost Comparison

When it comes to a VPN, there are several essential features that must be available. They are about privacy, security, accessibility, bandwidth and speed, streaming and torrenting, affordability, and finally, other complementary features. 

  1. Privacy. Both NordVPN and Cyberghost utilize a strict no-log policy. This policy means that they won't ever have any log of their users' activity when connected to their services. The VPN providers themselves won't have any idea what you do on the internet while connected to their services.

    This also means that they will never share users' data with any other third party, no matter who it is. And since both of them are based in a country with a great data privacy law, they are also safe from any request on personal data from their respective government. 


  1. Security. Both NordVPN and Cyberghost are also similar in this regard. For security purposes, they use military-grade AES-256 encryption. This type of encryption is usually used by the military and also by financial institutions.

    Other security measures include the kill-switch that allows the VPN to cut the internet connection whenever it detects a potential data leak. Split-tunneling for another layer of security, and also DNS leak prevention for some extra protection


  1. Accessibility. This is where both companies started to differentiate themselves. Accessibility is all about the number of servers and their availability across the globe. The more the better. Not only that, but it is also about how many platforms you can use the service on.

    NordVPN has more than 5300 servers that are spread across 59 countries. It is also available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and lots of other platforms. Cyberghost, on the other hand, has a whopping 7300+ servers that are available in more than 90 countries. You could also use Cyberghost through the same platform as NordVPN.


  1. Bandwidth and Speed. Between NordVPN and Cyberghost offer unlimited bandwidth for their users. This means you can use both VPNs without having to worry about any daily or even monthly quota. So both companies are equal in this regard.

    But speed is an entirely different matter. While both NordVPN and Cyberghost claim that they offer a high-speed connection, the reality is quite different. Despite having a smaller number of servers, NordVPN is faster than Cyberghost. The gap between the two is not that big, but it is still quite noticeable.


  1. Streaming and Torrenting. You can access geo-blocked streaming content with both NordVPN and Cyberghost. Be it Netflix shows, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or any other streaming platform, you can use both VPNs to see their content with a relatively stable connection.

    The same thing with Torrenting. You could also freely engage in a P2P activity without worry. Both VPNs also provide specialized servers to make sure you get the best torrenting experience. Though keep in mind that the download speed for torrent won't be as fast as the regular download.


  1. Affordability. This is yet another part where both companies differ. By all means, both companies still offer some of the most affordable prices within the industry. But one of them simply manages to offer a more alluring price than the others.

    Both NordVPN and Cyberghost regularly offer discounts for their new users which could cut the price by more than half. But for the base monthly price, you could use NordVPN for a month for as little as $11.95 per month, while CyberGhost would cost you around $12.99 per month.


  1. Other complementary features. This category is not a must-have but it sure is a nice addition to the overall VPN experience. Cyberghost doesn't have anything to offer in this category but NordVPN has two other services that you could use along with their VPN.

    The first one is called NordPass. As the name suggests, it is a password manager. The second one is called NordLocker, which is a file encryption tool. Both of them are developed by NordVPN and you can use them for a small additional price whenever you purchase any NordVPN plans.
Which one is better?

Based on the comparison from seven distinct categories above, the one that comes out on top is NordVPN. In the head to head competition between NordVPN and Cyberghost are equal in terms of privacy, security, and streaming & torrenting. Cyberghost wins for accessibility, but NordVPN is better in speed, price, and additional features. 

One thing for sure, the difference between the two VPNs is minuscule. You won't go wrong with either one of them. But if you want to use the best of the bunch, then the answer is NordVPN.