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What is ZeroVPN?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 29, 2020

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Nowadays, internet security is basically a need. With all the threats that lurk the connected series of websites, you might just stumble into a page that may lead to many headaches that now target even the most casual of users.

Since most of us upload our information online, may it be our names, contact info, e-mail, and even credit card info, hackers will usually try to target us while we are unprotected. Depending on a website’s security protocol won’t cut, as hackers usually target for a user’s individual information instead of a risky total website hack.

Because of this, users are left with the necessity of protecting themselves first. An easy solution that most users consider is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

VPNs allow users to first enter a private series of tunnels before being connected to the website they want to go to. Along the way, the user’s data will be encrypted. With this, the data, even if taken by hackers, will be unreadable because of the encryption. Think of it as your internet shield, one capable of protecting you from hackers and risks that may put you and your information at risk.

Virtual Private Networks are mostly known to be used for computers and laptops as both are used mostly for business and official uses. However, this leaves smartphones and tablets, that both access the internet, with little focus.

ZeroVPN is the answer to this. Being focused on Android phones and without a charge to it, this VPN might just be the program you have been looking for.

Why use ZeroVPN on phones?

Since smartphones are more private and personal, the use of VPNs is still a necessity. They contain more information about you and generally has weaker security compared to computers and laptops.

ZeroVPN specializes in protecting your phone. One function of it is allowing you to pick a country for you to be displayed to be coming from. This is done by selecting a country which the VPN has a server for. Even though their services are free, they still have a large selection of countries including: UK, France, Germany, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Netherlands, and Canada. This means that you can display yourself coming from Netherlands even if you are accessing the internet from Canada.

This function allows you to access geo-restricted content, which is usually done because of licensing issues and trademarked content. This will make you have more freedom online. This is also good if you want to use it for games that have servers worldwide. Through the VPN, you can connect to another region without the need of actually going there. This is done by some players as some games have different offers for every region in the world.

The biggest thing that separates it from the other VPNs is its free services as stated above. Big names on the Virtual Private Network market usually require payments that range from monthly to yearly subscriptions. For those who want to use it for casual situations and for only occasional uses, you may want to invest in a free VPN.

The creator of the VPN promises that its service will always be free. This is also good news for mobile phone users who will only use the VPN service for specific applications. The reason for this is that connecting to one usually slows down internet (as it requires your connection to go through their servers first).

How to install ZeroVPN

ZeroVPN can be searched on Android’s Play Store. From there, you are given the VPN’s description and ratings. A simple click on “Install” will give you the app for free. It is only 4.5 MB large, meaning that you won’t have to worry about storage space.

Also, unlike other VPNs, ZeroVPN doesn't need registration for you to use its services. This is the case for some free VPNs that after obtaining your e-mail will flood it with ads and offers to subscribe to their services.


The only thing that can be said about the VPN is the lack of information it gives its users regarding its owner and terms. It also doesn’t say if it collects session data or information. All that is known is that it is based in Hong Kong.


Overall, the VPN is best for those who want to protect their internet connection and casually browse restricted content. It isn’t in the likes of premium VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but it is still a quality application for its free service.