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SurfShark Pricing - How much do you have to pay for this VPN service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 27, 2020

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Virtual Private Networks are an essential tool to ensure our security while browsing the internet. It allows us to mask our true location and instead show another location to third-parties such as hackers and advertisers.

How does a VPN do this?

Virtual Private Networks let you choose a specific server linked to another country. The country will then serve as your displayed location while online. Aside from this, it also encrypts all of the data which you will be uploading online. This prevents third-parties from being able to access the data. 

The only downsides to using it is a slower internet connection because of the need to send the files to another server. This can be prevented with a good service provider, though.

SurfShark VPN

While a relatively new name in the industry, SurfShark is a recommendable service because of its good feature, reliable security, and overall performance. It excels in almost all categories needed in a good VPN service.


For starters, SurfShark VPN can unblock Netflix’s geo-filters and restrictions. Given that copyright laws and trademarks of the content streamed is only limited to certain countries, some may have certain shows and movies blocked in their region. Through the use of this VPN, you can now access these contents freely.

SurfShark VPN also has a kill switch feature which instantly terminates your browsing session in the case of a sudden security breach. This terminates all possible ways for a hacker to be able to get any information on your end.

Through the VPN, you can also access the TOR which allows you to browse through the deep web.

SurfShark is also available for multiple devices aside from the computer. You can use it for Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. It can be used for internet browsers Firefox and Chrome. 

SurfShark also has a whitelisting feature which allows you to choose specific applications which will not be covered by the VPN. It also has a camouflage feature which prevents your internet service provider from seeing your use of a VPN. 

Because constantly maintaining your security is important for a VPN, SurfShark’s customer service is of high-quality. They currently support both e-mail and live chat. On the latter, you can interact with an actual person which will answer your inquiries. 

Pricing of SurfShark

In terms of pricing, SurfShark has competitive rates to make them viable as they are still new names in the industry. They currently have three payment methods:

  1. A full month is priced at $11.95 which is priced at $143.40 per year. 
  2. A yearly subscription is priced at $71.88 which means that every month’s price is lessened to $5.99
  3. Two years of subscription is priced at $23.88 which means that every month is priced at$1.99

You can pay for their service using Paypal, Alipay, Tenpay, Dragonpay, Cryptocurrency, and credit card. The number of choices allows its users to do all of their transactions without sharing many details about themselves. You can also avail their free trial which gives access for 30 days. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee for those that are not satisfied with their service.