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Is ZeroVPN good?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated February 29, 2020

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VPNs are the modern protection for the internet.

With hundreds and thousands of potential risks that lurk on the internet, one can never be truly secure. Sure, security protocols might be seen as a basic protection for this, along with internet certifications. However, one cannot say they can completely avoid going to the shadier parts of the internet, from which threats like viruses and more dangerously, hacking, are prevalent.

The target for hacking is mostly the user’s personal information. This can range from your name, address, location, up to important things like credit card information. This is a big factor to consider when browsing the internet.

The arrival of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs ensured users' security while online. This technology puts your internet through a private series of tunnels that will connect to a server first before connecting to your chosen website. In the process, your Internet Address or IP will be hidden. Also, your data will be encrypted. With encryption, the data you enter will be secure and will not be readable by anyone who will hack it.

There are tons of VPNs now available, from premium ones like ExpressVPN and NordVPN that offer security and quality for quite a price (monthly and yearly subscriptions), to free VPNs, ones that include Tunnelbear and ZeroVPN.

Is ZeroVPN good?

ZeroVPN is a free VPN which is based in Hong Kong. Being android-focused, it is available for download on Google’s Play Store. You can read its description, ratings, and reviews there, and with a simple click of install, you are already given internet security.

What exactly are the features of this VPN? Is it good?

  1. No need for registration (Good)

It does not need registration for it to be used. Registration is a big nuisance for some users as other free VPNs make it necessary for you to give your e-mail address so they can flood it with endless offers and advertisements. This may turn off users. ZeroVPN needs none of this and will simply require you to download it.

  1. Lots of servers (Good)

A priority for Virtual Private Networks is to have as many servers as possible. When using VPN, you will want maximum security and anonymity. When the server is as far off from you as possible, you will feel more confident that you are unseen while online. For a free VPN, ZeroVPN already has a decent amount of servers. These includes ones that are based on: USA, Germany, and Canada.

With this function, you can present yourself online as coming from Canada even if you are operating from Germany.

  1. Speed (Good)

Using VPNs usually results to slower internet connection speeds as your online activities need to go through a server first before reaching the destination of your choice. It isn’t really avoidable as that is how a VPN operates.

Fortunately, ZeroVPN offers reliable internet speed connections. There is not too much reduction in your speed with this VPN.

  1. Price of ZeroVPN (The best feature)

ZeroVPN is free for everyone to use. That is already a good reason to get it. Most of the premium VPNs are best for those who use them for the office setting, from which confidential information is strictly secured. For home use, however, using VPNs may only be needed occasionally, making it a bad investment to pay for. With ZeroVPN being free, you might want to settle on it instead

  1. Company priority (Unknown)

This is where ZeroVPN becomes slightly mysterious. All that is known about the VPN is that it is based on Hong Kong. VPNs can offer you anonymity while online, but they can also be able to track your actions and give info to third-parties

  1. Quality (Good)

ZeroVPN has a user-friendly interface which helps your browsing to be easier. This is especially a good thing for those who are just starting to use VPNs. Although the process of how VPNs  work may sound complex and intimidating to some, ZeroVPN’s design makes it possible for you to understand and grasp on VPN’s basics quickly.

The app also allows you to choose the fastest server. This will be based upon the number of people currently connected to it.


Overall, ZeroVPN shines the best for users who are looking for casual use of VPN. It gives you the basics, including geo-restriction bypassing and location changing, which are really all you in want in a VPN. If you, however, have some issues with company security and data handling, you might want to look for other VPNs.