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Is Surfshark a good virtual private network service?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 29, 2020

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With the rising threat of more internet malware that can take over our information, users should be wary of their internet activities. If they accidentally visit the wrong websites or download the wrong files, they may be already selling their activities to malicious third-parties.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs protect users from this by allowing them to be invisible while online. Instead of showing the country of origin of users, they will be given the option to appear as someone from another location. For example, a user from Singapore can display her location as the United States. Because of this, location tracking is impossible for hackers.

Aside from this, the information that will be sent to the internet, including credit card information, names, and addresses, are also encrypted before being sent online. Even if a hacker is able to take hold of your data, they will still be unable to access it depending on the strength of encryption of the VPN.

Surfshark VPN

When it comes to VPNs, there are different factors that determine if they are of excellent quality. Some of these include:

  • Speed of internet connection– Because the VPN will be used instead of normal connection, the speed of surfing is naturally slowed down. Factors like the need for encryption and the need to send to the VPN’s own server before being sent to the website of choice will slow down your speed.

Surfshark was able to get a positive result for this factor. Boasting speed close to the original (with about 3 Mbps slower or less), the VPN is good for those frequently streaming videos, playing online games, and doing activities with a need for fast internet

  • Access to geo-filtered content– One of the reasons for using a VPN is also to bypass geo-filters for streaming websites. Surfshark was able to bypass Netflix according to our test with excellent results. There were no delays in terms of streaming. The access was consistent throughout our use.

You can also bypass through Youtube without much problem. However, Hulu had some cases of still being blocked.

  • Security with SurfShark VPN– This is the most important part of having a VPN. To test Surfshark’s reliability in terms of security, we checked for any cases of DNS leaks. Important information like IP address and location of access was not leaked.

Surfshark also has a lot of features to ensure that a leak of information will be prevented. This includes a DNS leak protection, secure encryption for the data you send, and automatic kill switch for your applications that are connected to the internet in case a breach occurs.

The VPN also doesn’t keep track of your activities as summarized in their privacy policy. For better security, you can also try to invest in cryptocurrency to fully avoid being traced by websites with your credit card information.

This means that the VPN passed our test for security and speed of internet connection. There are some things to improve for its access to geo-filtered content, though. We have done an extensive review of SurfShark so just take a look if you feel there are more questions that might be coming up regarding this VPN provider.