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How to choose the best VPN for your Mac computer. Top 3 options to consider

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 15, 2019

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Regardless whether you are a Windows or a Mac user, you’re equally exposed when browsing the Internet and you have to deal with the same annoying issues, such as geo-blocked content, web censorship and so on. In spite of all the misconceptions that Mac computers are virus proof and have an impenetrable security, they are just as targeted and likely to be hacked/infected.

But while online problems and risks are the same, Mac users used to be even more disadvantaged when it came to using VPNs. A well developed and reliable VPN could solve most of your online issues, but until a few years ago, using a VPN on a Mac used to be a hassle. VPN were initially developed for Windows and Android, and Mac support was basically inexistent or unsatisfactory.

Luckily though, things have changed a lot in recent years, and now there is a wide selection of VPN providers to choose from as a Mac user. They all have dedicated apps that are preconfigured for Macs, are easy to install and use.

What to look for when choosing a VPN for your Mac

Here are some main factors to consider when browsing for a VPN for your Mac:

  • Make sure the VPN provider includes a MacOS/OSX app and read reviews from users who tested it on all the major Mac operating systems
  • Opt for a provider that has user-friendly Mac apps, which are easy to install and set up
  • Choose a VPN that offers strong encryption and doesn’t keep any logs on its users
  • Look for providers with as many available servers as possible
  • Make sure that the VPN you want to use allows torrenting and can unblock all the major streaming services such as Netflix and so on

There might be cases in which the app offered by the VPN provider is too new for your operating system and it will be incompatible with your OS, In that scenario, the fact that the app was preconfigured for Mac won’t be of much help and you’ll be forced to manually install it yourself. Although that’s not necessarily a hard thing to do, it might be a bit annoying and time consuming, because you’ll have to do it each time you want to switch to another server.

That is why it is best to make sure you’re able to use the preconfigured Mac app provided by the VPN service.

Best 3 VPN providers for Mac

Here is a list with the best VPN services you can use on your Mac:

  • NordVPN (read our honest review). Along with ExpressVPN, NordVPN remains a top choice when it comes to VPN choices. Not just for Mac users, but for every type of device out there. NordVPN for Mac offers 2 versions to choose from: one available on the Apple Store (which only works with OS 10.12 Sierra and newer) and the other one is available for download directly on their website (compatible with OS 10.10 Yosemite and newer). The Apple Store version is more secure and uses the IKev2 protocol and the app available on the NordVPN website uses the standard OpenVPN protocol
  • ExpressVPN (read our honest review) is another major player on the VPN market. It has an app that is compatible with several OS X versions, from OS 10.6 up. ExpressVPN automatically chooses the best protocol for you and also has an available app for iOS. This VPN is very user-friendly, comes with one-click connection, has a Safari browser extension and has over 2,000 servers to choose from
  • CyberGhost (read our honest review) also has a great Mac app that is compatible with older OS X versions (10.7 Lion and up). By default it uses the OpenVPN protocol, although you can manually choose other protocols, too, if you like. CyberGhost has around 3,000 servers and it is very user-friendly

Other good options to consider are TorGuard, IPVanish, Private Internet Access, VyprVPN, PureVPN.