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Hotspot Shield VPN features and benefits

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 23, 2020

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Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are services that allow you to be anonymous while online. This is because whenever browsing the internet unprotected, you are at risk of having important information about you taken by third-parties such as advertisers, hackers, and more. 

Hotspot Shield is a VPN that is available both as a premium service and as a free VPN service. The paid service is called Hotspot Shield Elite. They have been operating since 2005 and is known for strong security. It is offered for the following platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Speed of HotSpot Shield

One of the best parts about using Hotspot Shield is its fast internet connections. Normally, connection to the internet is drastically slowed whenever using a VPN due to the need for encryption and having to send data to another server. Hotspot Shield is a fast VPN. 

For example, we used Hotspot Shield from our computer basic in the USA and found that the speed of the internet is near normal speeds. Connection to the European and Asian server gave normal speeds along with decent ping. 

The only slow servers are the ones which are filled with a lot of user such as the New York server. 

HotSpot Shield User Interface

Hotspot Shield’s user interface is very simple and minimalist. Its buttons are understandable at first glance and its features intuitively listed.

Before actually using the application, and installation is required. This proved to be done smoothly given that all-important steps are highlighted and are easy to follow. Once installed, you can instantly choose the application’s interaction with opening your laptop. You can choose to make it launch with Windows, to prevent IP leak, and to prevent from opening whenever using safe wi-fi hotspots. Through this, you will not be needing to open it manually every time. 

Torrenting with HotSpot Shield.

One of the reasons for using VPNs is to be able to torrent files online. This is because this type of downloading is prone to having security breaches. This is because aside from downloading, you will also be uploading to help make the process faster. To ensure that you will be given high security, Hotspot Shield uses AES-256 encryption.

Fortunately, Hotspot Shield is one of the VPNs which allows its users to torrent. They even give instructions on how to do anonymous torrenting. 

Streaming with HotSpot Shield.

Streaming with Hotspot Shield is very reliable. Instead of lagging because of less speed that is usually attributed to those using VPNs, Hotspot Shield offers reliable speed that is capable of streaming high-definition videos like normal. 

Aside from this, Hotspot Shield also allows you to be able to bypass geo-restrictions of streaming websites such as Netflix. This is because streaming services usually have certain limitations for their content that makes it only available for specific countries. 

Logging policies

The logging policies of the VPN is important for users. This is because they may be the ones who are gathering information from you themselves which defies the point of using one. Hotspot Shield’s opinion on this is that they do not collect any personal information from their users. However, they collect some information from the devices you use when serving ads from their Hotspot Shield application. This includes data such as advertising ID and wireless carrier. 

Customer Support

This is one of the low points with Hotspot Shield. With VPNs, users need to be able to receive a customer support system that answers their inquiries 24/7. It is also better if a live chat is available for concerns to be instantly answered. This is because VPNs have a lot of technicalities to it that may confuse the average computer user.

Hotspot Shield’s only customer support available is the customer ticket support. For those who wants to learn on their own, their website offers a FAQ.

Pros of using Hotspot Shield

  • Easy setup – Installing and setting up the Hotspot Shield application is fast and easy. You will only be required to sign up for an account, start a subscription (for the paid version), and use it for your device.
  • Flexible connection – It is flexible in terms of access and is not restrictive with content. This application allows you to stream high-quality videos, play online, torrent for files, and more.
  • Fast speed – They are one of the few VPNs which can offer internet speed equal to your current connection. This is because they have over 3,000 servers all around the world that offer the best speeds for downloading, streaming, and others.