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An overview of ZenMate VPN

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated July 15, 2020

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Nowadays, surfing the internet is hard without anonymity. This is because countless third-parties like hackers and advertisers are constantly tracking users to be able to gather data. Some websites may also be using our activities to be sold. This is why the use of Virtual Private Networks are important.

How does Zenmate work?

Virtual Private Networks acts as our protection on the internet. Once you are subscribed to one, you can choose a country of your choice depending on their available services. The availability and the number of countries will depend on your specific service.

The country will serve as your shown location when online. This means that those in the US can show their location to be as far as Singapore.

Once connected to the internet, the data you send will first be encrypted. This will be sent to the VPN’s server which will send it to the website of your choice. Because of this complex process, your internet connection is slowed as an expense for having a secure connection.

ZenMate Review    

ZenMate is known as one of the VPNs that have good internet speeds and countless features.

For starters, ZenMate can bypass Netflix’s streaming restrictions. Because the streaming service has specific copyright ownership and rights for their shows, the content they show for each country is varied. If you want to watch content that is not allowed in your country, you may use a VPN to be able to hide your real location.

How secure is ZenMate?

For further security, ZenMate has a kill switch feature that ends your internet session once your security is compromised. This prevents hackers and third-parties from being able to get your information in case of a breach.

ZenMate uses IPSec and IKEv2 protocols for Mac users. Windows users can use the L2TP/IPSec protocol along with these two. The service uses OpenVPN tunnelling protocol which is considered industry standard.  ZenMate uses AES 128 and 256 for its protocols.

ZenMate has 298 servers based on 31 different countries. This a wide range that allows users to be more flexible in terms of choosing a server to make internet connection faster and more secure. Aside from this, overloaded servers can be avoided because of more variety of choices. This also allows you to bypass censorships for specific countries with strict internet laws.

Features of Zenmate

Another good feature for ZenMate is allowing five connections per accounts.

ZenMate allows torrenting on their service. They offer unlimited P2P traffic. It only limited for the premium and ultimate payment plan, though.

ZenMate can also be used for more devices aside from computers. This includes smartphones and web browsers. This is a good feature for those who prefer to use mobile devices for browsing the internet. ZenMate can be used for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

For their customer service, ZenMate doesn’t have a live chat option. Instead, they use a support ticket system on their website that gives responses for about a day after. A human agent will be in touch with you to respond to your inquiries after.