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What are the features of VideoPad?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 2, 2020

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Everyone can take a photo or a video nowadays. Our smartphones have become so smart that carrying around a big, heavy, professional camera, doesn’t really make sense anymore, at least not to the general consumer.

Then there are the new models of DSLR cameras, action cameras such as GoPro and so on. All of them are small and compact, easy to use and accessible. They come with astonishing features such as shooting in 4K, night mode, slow motion and many others.

Same goes for software that helps us edit all our work. If in the past processing image and video was only reserved to the professionals and you had to pay good money if you wanted something edited, nowadays you can easily do it straight from your laptop or desktop computer. All you need to do is find a program that you like (and the internet is full of them), download it and install it on your device.

There are some free programs out there to try, although they come with limitations in features. You can also choose a video editing program that also has a free trial, but these are also limited, if not in features, in number of exports allowed.

The other way, at least if you need an editing program for regular use, is to choose an editing program that you like and either buy the permanent license or pay a monthly fee for using the software.

What to look for in video editing software?

The first thing you should check is whether the company offers a free trial or not. A free trial is definitely a useful thing, because it gives you the chance to test the program before buying a license or subscribing to any kind of plan. It is also the best idea if you just need a video editing program for a one-time project, as it makes no sense to invest money if you can find a way around that.

In terms of capabilities, you should look for programs that can support 4K videos, as even most phones these days can shoot in 4K. Also aim for software that supports all the common video formats, from MP4 to AVI, MOV, etc. The more, the better. If you are into sports and action videos and you use your GoPro a lot, you also need to be able to edit those kinds of videos, to correct all those shaky footages.

There are other aspects to consider when choosing a video editing program, too, depending on your needs and preferences.

What is VideoPad?

VideoPad is a video editing program developed by NCH Software. NCH Software is an Australian company that specializes in software solutions. It was founded in 1993 and also has an office in Colorado, US.

NCH Software develops various programs, from audio and video software to graphics, telephony programs and more.

VideoPad is a video editing program developed for both consumer and professional use. It is a very user-friendly app that also includes a free version for non-commercial use.


If you don’t want the free version of the program, you can either choose NHC Software’s subscription plan or buy the lifetime license. There are two paid versions of the VideoPad you can get: the Home Edition and the Master’s Edition.

The subscription plan will cost you $3.88/month (with access to all the features) and the lifetime license is $29.99 for the Home Edition and $49.99 for the Master’s Edition.

The Home Edition allows only 2 audio tracks and no external plugins, while with the Master’s Edition, you get unlimited audio tracks and plugins.

There is also the option to buy in bundle and also purchase other useful programs such as their WavePad Sound Editor, Prism Video Format Converter and others. 

The free version of the VideoPad is compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs. If you opt for the free Mac version, be prepared to confirm that you are not using the program for commercial purposes. You have to confirm it every time you launch the VideoPad, which might get annoying after a while.

The free version has other drawbacks as well. For instance, on Windows, you can only export your project as AVI or WMV. On Mac you can choose between AVI, MOV, MP4.

What are the features of VideoPad?

VideoPad is a basic video editor with some surprising features. On one hand, it lacks some capabilities included in similar competitors, such as the ability to create videos based on templates, a slideshow creator or multi-cam editing.

On the other hand though, it includes some features you normally have to pay more for, such as a video stabilizer, close captioning. It also allows you to add an unlimited number of editing tracks.

VideoPad supports all the common formats, such as avi, divx, wmv, mpv and more. You can edit from VHS, GoPro, a DV camcorder or webcam.

You can burn your project on DVD, share it online, link it to your Facebook or YouTube accounts, save it to your smartphone.

VideoPad supports multiple resolutions such as full HD, 2K and 4K.

You get two modes to work in: a timeline and a storyboard and you can edit on different levels. The timeline lets you view your videos linearly, based on length, the storyboard allows you to add objects individually (regardless of their run time). You can easily switch between these 2 modes.

You can edit 360 videos and add text, overlays and effects, you get 3D video editing, a video stabilizer, fine-tune color, you can customize the duration of transitions and create visual effects templates that you can use on other projects.

In terms of audio features, you only get the basic editing tools: you can adjust the volume, add some effects such as distortion, choral, echo. What VideoPad lacks is an audio-mixer and a surround sound optimizer.

While it is an easy to learn program, VideoPad doesn’t have a wizard feature that lets you easily create your project based on templates and preprogrammed effects. However, a few hours should be enough for you to learn how to use most of its features.

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