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What are the features of Smart System Repair?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated April 17, 2021

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All computers decrease in performance after a while, from all the actions we perform: we constantly install and uninstall programs on them, we copy, delete and move files and folders around and so on. All of them leave traces, clutter your system and affect the way your PC performs. For instance, a lot of times when we uninstall a program, it doesn’t completely get deleted from the system. Some files are left behind and will lead to various issues in time.

If your computer is more sluggish than usual, if you experience a lot of freezes or crashes, you might want to consider downloading and using a system optimizer or utility software, as it is also called.

Smart System Repair is a good option to consider. The software was developed by Wise Tech Labs, a young but experienced software company. Wise Tech Labs was founded in 2018 but its founders have more than 16 years of experience in developing utility apps for both Macs and Windows PCs. When we did our review of Smart System Repair, we thought it was an ok program but it just didn't stack up to the competitors. 

Smart System Repair is only compatible with Windows devices and you can use it on Windows Vista devices, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The software is both complex in terms of features and user-friendly when it comes to its interface.


Smart System Repair offers four subscription plans to choose from, based on how you are billed.

The four plans are Essential, Standard, Premium and Premium+.

Essential - $14.95 (billed monthly)

Standard - $9.94 (billed every 6 months)

Premium - $7.95 (billed yearly)

Premium+ (billed every 2 years)

These plans include a 30-day money back guarantee.

What features does Smart System Repair include?

Smart System Repair has a plethora of useful tools to offer, starting from the cleaning feature and ending with a duplicate files cleaner.

The junk files in your computer are to blame for cluttering your system, taking up gigabytes of space on your drive and making your computer slower. Smart System Repair scans your entire system, identifies all the useless, unwanted files and removes them from your device with no more than a click on your part.

Your PC is always exposed to threats, whether you are simply surfing the web or downloading a malicious program. Smart System Repair has an Active Protection feature that protects you from threats in real time. With this feature you get rid of spyware, adware, malware and other potential threats.

Your privacy is another crucial aspect when using a computer, especially when it is connected to the internet. With Smart System Repair, you can remove all your app traces, by cleaning your browser history, cookies, caches and so on.

This software also comes with a registry cleaner that can repair, clean and optimize the Windows registry and protects your device from system crashes and various program conflicts.

The startup time of your PC is often slowed down by a lot of programs that are allowed to start with Windows. A lot of them are not programs you need to always have enabled so Smart System Repair will limit the number of programs that can run at startup, to improve the booting time of your Windows PC.

The Duplicate Files Cleaner is another useful feature included with Smart System Repair. With this feature, you can free up even more space on your drive, by getting rid of duplicate files, whether they are music files, images, videos, text documents, presentations and more. You can organize everything with this tool and scan all the files to identify and remove all the redundant ones.