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What are the benefits of Reimage?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated March 11, 2020

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Reimage is a computer repair software that is heavily advertised. Because of this, it is often confused as malware or a fake product. Upon closer look, however, users can see that the application is a useful one.

Reimage or Reimage Pro is a computer repair software that has three main objectives for your computer: 1. To look for any issues in your hardware, 2. To look for any issues in your software, 3. To look for any viruses or malware that may be inside it. For short, it is a computer diagnostic tool that already has anti-malware capabilities. 

The software is an award-winning technology that has been created back in 2017. According to their website, they develop their products to prioritize user-friendliness and affordability of the price. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, their products are continuously being developed to fit different operating systems and platforms. 

How does Reimage work?

Reimage is known to be able to fix the computer in three different ways. It targets the security of the computer, software stability, and hardware. This is because having issues with one of these can cause severe computer issues. It is available for PCs, mobile phones, and Mac. 

Reimage can repair a variety of issues in your computer. This includes the following:

Windows Errors – For those using Windows for the operating system of their computer, Reimage can scan your computer to look for anything that may be causing errors. While Windows has its diagnostic tool, it is often slow and unreliable for most customer. Reimage can see the reason for critical errors happening in your software and see the programs that are causing it. 

The Blue Screen of Death – This may be a common issue unique for those who use Windows. This is mostly an issue for those which has issues with their registry and other sensitive sides of their software. Once the blue screen of death is seen, the computer is forced to do a restart which may cause the files you are currently accessing to be corrupted if you were not able to make a backup version of it. 

Corrupted and Damaged DLLs – One of the common reasons for any bugs and corruptions in your software is broken DLLs. DLLs are used whenever opening a program which is why it is a crucial part of the computer that must not be damaged in any way. One of the common causes of a corrupted DLL is constantly uninstalling and installing programs which cause DLLs to be continuously overwritten by newer versions. 

Recovery of Operating System – In case of a critical error or corruption in the Windows system, Reimage can be used to put all necessary system systems and registry values for it to return to normal. It also creates a backup version of itself in case it fails to repair the OS.

Virus Removal – Aside from making sure that your software is stable, Reimage can also be used to look for any viruses currently on your computer. It can also be used to remove this upon the option of the user.

Computer freezing – Reimage also focuses on avoiding common software issues like the blue screen of death or the frequently seen issue: computer freezing. This is when all of the applications you are currently on suddenly stops from working and the screen goes static. 

Hardware configurations – Reimage can also be used to look at the current specifications of your hardware. This includes the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the hard drive, and the RAM of the computer. While it can tell you the limitations of your computer, the application doesn’t fix issues related to it. 

Configuring a Windows computer

Using the application is easy. You will only need to install it and choose to start a scan on your computer. From here on, it can diagnose the different issues that may be slowing down the performance of your computer. 

As stated above, it does not technically fix any of the hardware-related issues that your computer has. Instead, it only tells the user any of the possible reasons for the slowing down of these. These include having low memory from opening too many applications simultaneously, reaching the maximum temperatures, and having too many applications stored in your hard drive. This is a handy tool that can tell a user if he/she needs to troubleshoot anything hardware-related. 

The second part of the scan with Reimage is the scan for any spyware or viruses. This is because they are also one of the most primary reasons for a slower performance for the computer. Some may even be using your computer as a bitcoin-miner which will significantly reduce its performance. Other files that are considered either a virus or malware are the following: Trojans, adware, ransomware, worms, and rootkits.

It can also detect the specific applications which can cause your computer to have slower performance. They may also be applications that are not malware but is incompatible with your system because of high-performance demand. To avoid total software bugs and errors like the Blue Screen of Death or freezing, these applications will be detected to give the users the options to delete them. This is a handy tool that makes it easy to see the demands of an application even for those who will not be reading the specifications of these. 

Reimage for Mac

Reimage also has an available Mac version. When you look at its features, you will realize that it is a bit lacking in comparison to the Windows version. This version is equipped to be more of a performance booster only rather than a 3-in-one application. 

Features for Mac

Space cleaning – To avoid having too much unnecessary files on your computer which may also cause slower performance, the Mac version has a space cleaning feature. Included in the parts of the computer that will be cleaned is the browser history especially its cache which may also cause slower internet speeds. Aside from this, third-party applications will also be reviewed and cleared if needed. 

Hardware reviewing – Like its Windows version, Reimage also has a hardware review feature available for its Mac version. Through this, you can see the different specifications of your hardware. You can also see which parts may be causing your device to have less performance. 

Friendly interface – Reimage has built a simple and user-friendly interface for its Mac feature which goes well with the operating system’s design. It is designed as to be able to guide you instantly to Mac cleanup for faster and more simple use. 

Reimage for Mobile 

Currently, Reimage is offered for Android users. The application is downloadable through the Google Play Store. The following are the features for it that are comparable to the Mac Version:

Freeing up space – Since smartphones have less storage and fewer capabilities for handling software, freeing up space is important. Reimage can be used for deleting any unnecessary cached memory and any other files that are making the SD card full. 

Monitor the hardware of your phone – Reimage can also be used to track the current state of your phone’s memory and storage. It can see the number of applications you have currently installed. Included in the parts of the phone it can analyze are the text messages, calls, browser files, and downloads.

User-friendly interface – Its user interface for its Android version is clean and simple to use. Since its features are relatively few, it should be easier for most to memorize using the application.

Given the mobile phone’s less-able specifications, installing Reimage will do wonders for its performance. 

Price and specifications for Reimage

Reimage is a good buy because of its useful features and its affordable price. The price for its Windows version is $69.95. However, there are usually a lot of discounts and sales available for the application that allows you to buy it for about half of this price. It also has a refund policy which allows you to have a refund after 60 days from the date of purchase. 

The application is available for Windows versions XP, Vista, and 8. Currently, it still does not offer a Windows 10 version. In terms of specifications, it only requires the bare minimum of about 512 of system memory and up to 1 GHz for the processor. 

Is Reimage recommended?

Reimage is recommended for those looking for an application capable of finding out all issues with your software, hardware. It can also be used for finding viruses and malware in your computer.