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What features do you get with Advanced System Repair?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated April 17, 2021

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Advanced System Repair is a repair and optimizing software developed exclusively for Windows devices. The software has several useful tools to offer, which help you clean your Windows PC, fix any system issues you might have and boost the speed of your PC.

Advanced System Repair can be seen as a ‘tuning kit’ for your computer, which consists of several useful tools, from a registry cleaner, to a malware removal tool and others.

This program is trustworthy and has a lot of certifications: AppEsteem, (it is a member), it is CheckMark Certified.

When should you use Advanced System repair pro?

You don’t really think about using a system repair software when you first buy a computer. When new, the machine usually works fast and flawlessly, especially when helped by a solid configuration (fast processor, reliable SSD, enough RAM memory, etc.). But over time, our computers become cluttered. Some symptoms of a cluttered computer that needs to be fixed by a repair/optimizing software are:

  • A lot of system crashes and errors
  • Often freezes
  • BSOD (blue screens of death)
  • A noticeable decrease in performance speed
  • Booting takes too long

A useful utility software can act as a registry cleaner, disk defragmenter, malware and virus removal and optimizer all at once.


As mentioned above, Advanced System Repair is only compatible with Windows devices. This software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit).

There are two versions of the program: a free, unregistered one and Advanced System Repair Pro, which is the registered version of the software. The latter will cost you money.

How much does Advanced System Repair Pro cost?

The Advanced System Repair Pro 2020 version comes with 3 types of subscriptions:

  • 1 PC license that is priced at $29.95
  • 3 PC license, priced at $39.95
  • Unlimited PCs license, priced at $49.95

All three types of subscriptions come with 100% guaranteed results and are recurring every 3 months. You benefit from the company’s 60-day money back guarantee with each type of subscription.

You can choose between credit card payment or PayPal. Advanced System Repair accepts all the common credit cards: VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express.

What is the difference between Advanced System Repair and Advanced System Repair Pro?

As we’ve already mentioned it, there are two versions available with this repair software: Advanced System Repair and Advanced System Repair Pro. The first one can be downloaded for free on their website and it is the unregistered version. This version is only useful for trial purposes. You can install the program on your PC, you can test the interface, scroll through the settings and see how the program works and what features it has to offer.

The free, unregistered version also allows you to run a full scan of your device. But in order to be able to fix any of the issues revealed by the scan, you have to register the software, meaning you have to subscribe for one of the plans of Advanced System Repair Pro.

What does Advanced System Repair do for your Windows PC? What are its features?

Advanced System Repair Pro has a lot of features to offer. It is not a simple cleaning tool, but rather a complex repair and optimizing kit, with many features designed to clean, repair and speed up your computer.

Here are the main benefits of Advanced System Repair:

  • It fixes any Windows issues revealed by the full system scan
  • It removes any threats such as virus, malware, spyware and so on from your computer
  • It makes your PC more stable
  • It frees up your disk space
  • It cleans and declutters your system
  • It optimizes the Windows registry
  • It fixes corrupt system files on your computer
  • It improves startup time
  • It improves the stability issues of your programs
  • It restores your PC to its peak performance and improves its overall speed

How do you use Advanced System Repair Pro?

Pro Tip : Most computer users that use system optimizers follow the 3 easy steps listed below for maximum results.  Repairs are done automatically.

  1. Download & Run ASR system optimizer. (Recommended)
  2. Click Start Scan to identify all errors.
  3. Click "Fix All" and that's it!