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What are the features of Advanced System Repair Pro? Should you pay for this system optimizer?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated April 16, 2021

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People are skeptical when it comes to spending their money on software, especially when it’s a utility one that cleans and optimizes your computer. They don’t really trust the abilities of the program or they figure they can clean their computer themselves and keep their money.

Our computers gather a lot of junk files over time, which are mostly leftover files that are no longer useful to you but will take up disk space and hinder the performance of your machine. Some examples of junk files we find in our system are: thumbnails (those image files previews), temporary internet files (created by the web browser each time we visit a website), leftovers from the installation and uninstallation of programs on your computer), the files stored in your Recycle Bin (when you delete a file or folder, unless you keep the Shift key pressed along with the Delete one, those files/folders will not be deleted forever, they will just be moved in the recycle bin) and more.

A good system optimizing software has a built-in cleaning feature that helps you remove all these unnecessary files from your system and increase your disk space and computer speed.

But the cleaning tool is just one of the useful features included with these utility programs. They also help you get rid of viruses, fix any operating system stability issues and more.

What does Advanced System Repair have to offer?

Advanced System Repair is advertised by its developer as ‘simply the best system repair solution’ for your Windows device. The software is only compatible with Windows devices and works on pretty much all the Windows versions out there, from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit version).

Free vs paid version

Advanced System Repair offers a free version or the possibility to buy a license and register the software. If you are not sure about investing your money in this software, you can start by downloading the free version of the program and see what it can do. The free version won’t let you actually fix any computer problems, but it will let you run a full system scan to see what issues come up. The free version is also useful to get to know the interface of the software, browse through the settings and features of the program and get familiarized with the software.

If you decide to use this software, you have to upgrade to the Pro version. Advanced System Repair Pro is available through the license system. There are three types of licenses you can buy, all of them recurring every 3 months.

What is the price of the Advanced System Repair Pro licenses?

Advanced System Repair Pro offers the following options:

1 PC license for $29.95

3 PC licenses for $39.95

Unlimited PCs licenses, for $49.95

No matter what type of license you opt for, you are ensured by the company’s money back guarantee, which is generous. You get a 60-day money back guarantee with each of these plans.

What are the features included with Advanced System Repair Pro?

As we’ve already mentioned it, in order to be able to fix any computer problems that appear during the scan, you have to use the Pro version of the software. Advanced System Repair Pro comes with a lot of useful features:

  • It runs full system scans to identify and fix all the Windows issues
  • It identifies and removes any threat such as virus, spyware and so on
  • It frees up disk space by cleaning all the junk files we mentioned above and by decluttering your system
  • It makes your computer faster
  • It improves the boot time of your device
  • It defrags your PC
  • It updates your drivers
  • It optimizes the Windows registry and more