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Updated Ashampoo WinOptimizer Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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The computer naturally suffers from slow performance over time and use. This is contributed to by a lot of factors which includes software, hardware, and security. Security factors include the presence of viruses, bugs, and trojans which may also compromise the security. Hardware factors include old parts of the computer that are unable to run newer applications. Lastly, software factors include the presence of corrupted software. With all of these factors to consider, most amateur users may just ask for help from an expensive technician even for the simplest of problems. However, most of the time, it can be fixed with a simple optimizing application.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo is a German company that is known for their high-quality computer products that range from computer optimizers, disk burners, and video studios. The company was founded in 1999 and has continued to get high ratings for their different products. They are known for their easy integration of many important features in all of their applications which makes it easy to access for beginners and very useful for professionals. Examples of their famous products include ActionCam, Ultimate Photo Tool Bundle, and WinOptimizer.

Opening the application

Installing the application is fast and easy and can be done by their site. It has a traditional set-up that requires users to accept agreements, select a language, and the likes.

Upon opening the application, users will be greeted with an overview of their computer. On the top right side is a summary of the computer’s specifications including its operating system version, RAM, processor, and more. An important feature is the CPU rating which shows how much of it is being used. This gives you an idea about why the performance of the computer is slower than usual.

The application first displays the feature of Browsing Traces which checks up on your internet browser cache and the amount of space it takes up. Users are advised to regularly clean as to remove their online traces and to have more space in their hard drive.

Next, users are also told about the unnecessary registry entries within their computer. The registry keeps track of the applications installed in the computer which means that it is important for all apps to have a record here. However, some applications that are uninstalled can still have their registry entries undeleted which can take up space in it and make it slower when processing.

Next, the application also displays the unnecessary files of the computer. This pertains to the other files outside of the registry that remains in the hard drive after an application is uninstalled. Though each of these takes little space within the hard drive, collectively, they may be scattered across the hard drive which may make it slower to load. 

Next, it also has a separate feature for invalid shortcuts which, as its name implies, generally leads to uninstalled applications. It is also important to delete this as to free up space in the computer.

There are also the unnecessary running services which detect applications running in the background which they advise to close. After all, there are some applications that program themselves to open along with the initial computer start-up which may make the usage of the computer slower than ever. This is because multiple applications will be sharing the computer’s software resource. This goes hand in hand with the feature that can be used for unnecessary autorun entries which gives you the option to remove the applications that start along with the computer.

Another option is the optimizable system settings which automatically tinkers with the computer’s settings and makes it better suited for your performance needs. This makes it possible for the software to keep up with your needs. Last is the optimizable security settings which allows you to improve the security of the PC.

Easy interface

To make optimizing the computer easier, users simply need to click the Optimize button after opening the application which then scans the whole computer for all its issues. It then matches these to each of its features and addresses each one. After a couple of minutes, users can expect better performance.

In case users want to be very sure about the different files that the application will configure with, they can manually select the specific entries that will be deleted or modified. Most of the time, the application only configures with the ones that need to be which is why users shouldn’t be worried.

Users can choose to run the application every time they open the application as with every optimization, the app’s loading process becomes faster. If you are looking for more information, we do an in depth review of Ashampoo optimizer here.

Auto cleaning features

Having to manually click all the separate features every time you use the computer is a big hassle for all users. Because of this, Ashampoo has automatic features which they can use to make the process faster. First is the Auto-Clean tool which immediately downloads unnecessary and temporary files in the hard drive and clears out the session traces of the browser. Next is the live-tuner tool that can accelerate the current application that you are using. To do this, it terminates processes that you close immediately and prioritizes the ones that you are currently using to give it more resources. Last is the game-booster feature that automatically closes unnecessary background applications to give more resources for running video games. To make sure that the user is thoroughly informed of the different actions of the app, they are given a history tray where each action of the application is listed.


Ashampoo is one of the best applications for improving the performance of the computer. Every feature is packed with specific details set by the developers for intricately modifying and configuring the tiniest details to give the best performance for the user. It is also not intrusive in its optimizing process and is very transparent with what it does to the computer to make it easier to trust your private files with.