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Reimage Repair Reviews for 2022

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 29, 2021

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If you are using your computer more often, you are likely to experience some unnecessary changes such as disabled windows functionality, blue screen of death, sluggish performance, registry problem, and so on. All these symptoms may indicate the likelihood of malware infection. However, other factors other than malware infections can also lead to these issues.

Whatever the case, this is always a bother to PC users and may stop you from performing your daily tasks correctly. To secure your computer, you need an ideal solution that can deal with all your PC problems and easily resolve them. Out of the ones we reviewed, we together with several users out there came to an agreement that Reimage Repair Software is the best.

Reasons being, unlike most of the software in the market, Reimage has an app for Mac and Androids yet compatible with Windows. Even more, the software has features that make it succeed where most of its competitors fail. Here are some of the important features:

Reimage Features

Junk cleaner: Reimage junk cleaner feature does much more than just deleting junk files, browsing history, cache history, and cookies to create more space on your drive. It goes beyond to monitor and notify you about the files that take too much space. That way, you can delete the files if necessary and organize your device memory in a better way.

Scanning features: Once you install the program, you simply click on the ‘Start Scan’ to allow the software to run a preliminary scan to your PC. When the scanning is done, the software will display a window that shows all the problems that your PC could be having. For instance, it will display issues related to low memory, low hard drive speed, locations of signs of malware, and programs that crash more often among others.

Viruses and other malware removal features: Reimage Repair has a special built-in feature called Avira AntiVir that makes viruses and malware removal from your compromised computer very easy. This scanning feature will deactivate threats and quarantine the damaged files thereby preventing further damages.

Database of new up to date files: Reimage Repair is equipped with over 25 million healthy and up to date files in its database. These files are used to replace the damaged and deleted ones. That way, the software helps replace all the compromised operating system files, DLL files, registry components with authentic and healthy files.

Prices and plans: There are two plans for windows; 1 license and 3 licenses both covering a year. The license costs $41.95 and $58.95 respectively. 

On the other hand, the company gives you three options to choose from when dealing with Mac dices. These include 1 license for one-time use as well as 1 and 3 licenses for a year use. These come at generous prices of $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95 respectively.

Is Reimage Repair a Good Program

Many computer users usually opt for service engineers to deal with their PC problems. However, you have to put into consideration that the process undertaken by a system technician is not only time consuming but also costly. Even worse, there is never a guarantee that you will not face issues with your computer in the near future.

Besides, rebooting your computer whenever you experience an error doesn't deal with system damages. You will also admit that these two methods consume a lot of time. How many weeks do you usually wait to have your computer out of the workshop? Or how long does your computer take to get back on track after rebooting?

Thanks to Reimage Repair, you don't want to go through the above-mentioned processes anymore. You can have the provider installed and run it to scan your PC related issues in just a few clicks. Once you subscribe to their affordable plans, you will be able to diagnose and address your PC issues any time you want. This is even better with unlimited 1-year plans that enable you to protect your device for a whole year without further expenditure. 

Is Reimage Repair Safe?

Reimage is a computer repair utility that will have your PC problems fixed. The program is absolutely safe for fixing your computer problems just in a few steps. The provider does exactly what the company claims it does. 

For instance, they only collect technical data that are required to repair your severely damaged PC. Any of your personal information that you submitted while purchasing the repair tool won't be shared with a third party. Even more, it doesn’t make any copies of the files on your PC or transmit them to any remote location.

Some of the sites patent Reimage Repair to be a virus or simply unwanted program but their claims can’t be trusted. For one reason, none of the antivirus can detect Reimage Repair software as a virus. Besides, malware gets into your computer system to delete or damage personal information, basically far from what Reimage software does.

Does it harbor viruses or malware during the download? Another concern is that Reimage software usually harbors viruses or malware during download. Well, there is a possibility of downloading and installing unwanted programs particularly when you don’t undertake the process in the correct manner. Such installed unwanted programs are usually flagged off by antivirus and users usually confuse them to harbored malware during the installation process.

For instance, there is a program usually offered as an optional application during installation. If you are not keen on the installation process, you may end up installing this program unknowingly. Such unauthorized installations are always detected as malware when you run an antivirus program. To avoid this, you should be very keen when installing the program.

Those who use Reimage Repair for what it is intended for also end up gaining nothing from the software and usually brand it a scam. With that being said, it is important to note that the provider is not an antivirus and it is unlikely to stop any coming malware. It only repairs the damage left behind by the malware.

In addition, you should not expect Reimage to solve the problems of your PC third party software like Adobe. It may only fix such issues if they result from Windows errors. But will never in any way fix physical issues such as a broken mouse, or keyboard among others.

All in all, Reimage is a legitimate computer repair utility that is satisfied by Softpedia. The built-in Avira AntiVir feature is an award-winning anti malware product. Reimage also received various awards and has been mentioned in many presses such as channel 8, Fox 8 News,,,, Network World among others.


Download an award-winning PC repair utility to get rid of all your computer errors. Reimage is 100% safe to use for your windows PC and will help you identify sources of computer problems, eliminate viruses and other malware, and repair all damaged files in just a few minutes. Besides, it offers a good value for price and it is far much cheaper than hiring a repair engineer.