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Reimage Repair - A Repair Solution for all your devices

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated February 7, 2021

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  • Free trial
  • Full money-back guarantee 
  • Multiple option software
  • Proactive technical support


  • Withdrawal of subscription will revert your PC to the beginning stage 

Do you face everyday problems with your PC? It is too slow and every time you start up your operating system it takes too long even for a simple operation? These issues can give you a real headache, especially if you let this aggravate. Is there a way to fix all the issues at once from your lovely home and a comfortable chair? You bet there is!

Reimage Repair is a PC fix program that can analyze issues on your PC and fix them right away. It can fix the damage caused by spyware and malware and turn around the harm done to your Windows framework records utilizing documents from its database. The company claims that its database contains 25 million updated Microsoft files that will easily fix many possible issues you are facing with your software and hardware. Reimage specializes in repairing Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit) and Vista (32 and 64-bit) including Home Basic, Premium, Business, and Ultimate version. 

If you are wondering, Reimage offers software for Windows PC clients, even though it gives answers for Mac and mobile clients also. The last update for 2020 is the version and it can fix all the issues on your computer, even on Windows 10. It will guarantee you better and improved speed and stability and all thanks to the fact that they draw information and files from their over 25 million Microsoft files database.  

Long story short, Reimage covers three fundamental regions – hardware, security and dependability to keep your PC at its best performance. You should also know that Reimage Repair is not a computer protection toll, but it gives an extraordinary cleanup and improvement support and can function as additional antivirus software.

Their partnership with Avira AntiVir software allows them to give you the best performance and detection when it comes to malware or viruses. 

Their main core values are Simplicity and Innovation, Honesty and Reliability. Since their software was launched, back in 2007, they have stood by these powerful principles to give you the best solution possible. From software issues and additional spyware and malware inspection to 24h chat and phone support, you can be sure that your problems will be fixed in the shortest time. 

Reimage Plus is owned and operated by Reimage Ltd and their team has two locations. One is in Tel Aviv, Israel where they are proudly representing a team of 30 highly experienced IT developers. Their headquarter is in the Douglas, Isle of Men.

Features and how it works

The first step when you download the Reimage PC repair tool is to run a scan of your computer.  Flash version 9,0 or greater is required. It takes about five to ten minutes to get it done and what it does is to comply with all the data on your PC for the repair stage. It will give you an overall impression of the problems you are facing every day on your software. On your system profile, it will give you the diagnose of your system configuration and hardware. The first thing it does is to show you everything that is on your computer, such as CPU, Mainboard, Memory modules, Local drivers, the temperature, video card. By running this scan you will also receive an overall report consisting of the details about available space on your system partition, the total size of your hard drives, total memory in your PC. 

When it comes to your PC stability, you will also receive one short report about possible issues your software is having. It will show you the list of programs you have been using for the last 4 months that were facing some stability issues and have crashed in an unusual frequency within this period. 

The scan feature will also detect boot up viruses and other malicious programs. If found, the malicious files will be replaced with a healthy, new one from their 25 million database. At the end of the scan report, you will see the PC Scan Summary that will show you the result and the possible issues your software or hardware is facing and how to fix them. 

You have to be aware that this scan is completely free of charge, but this report won’t fix any of the issues found. At the end of the report, if you click on the Start Repair button, you will be presented with a full product offer. Reimage offers several solutions when it comes to licenses and prices. 

Home Plan is the basic PC repair solution and it comes with two options:

  • 1 license with unlimited use for one year for $39,95 OR
  • 3 licenses with unlimited use for one year for $59.95

With this purchase, you will get the repair of software issues and the hardware analysis. The repair of software issues offer:

  • Removing all Malware, Viruses, Spyware, and Trojans that are considered as a security threat to your operating system.
  • After the overall diagnose of any possible threats, it will replace the damaged files with healthy, new ones. 
  • Repair application stability issues because all the applications that rely on the damaged files will be reconnected with new, healthy files.
  • It will fix any invalid references in the Windows registry using a patented detection algorithm.   
  • Hardware analysis will give you input about memory, hard disk speed, SPU power, and temperature. 
  • Detecting all the missing and damaged files within your Operating system.
  • Always the last version for the best and accurate report. 

Reimage Mac is the license for Mac operating system users. It doesn’t have to offer as many features as it offers for Windows users, but it will surely guarantee you two main options:

Fast and easy garbage cleanup. Reimage for Mac can delete the browsing history, program/application/download reserve and free up some space on your Mac. It won't convey you heaps of free space, however, it will without a doubt bring about a better framework's dependability and execution. 

Screen your equipment and capacity effectively. Reimage permits you to perceive how your Mac stockpiling is being utilized and what would you be able to do to improve its presentation. You will likewise get simple access to your Mac's equipment determinations.

Reimage offers two different types of licenses that come with different prices. 

1 license, one-time repair for $19.95 with Best value feature for unlimited use and support over one year for $10 (1 license + Best value feature comes for OR 3 licenses, for unlimited use for one year for $39.95

Business plan and technician plan offer a discount feature. To get an offer from Reimage, you will need to make a profile on their website with all the information required. On the website, in the section about pricing, you can contact the company in person and see what would be the best for your company. You can get a fair discount rate for unlimited licenses for your business. 

With the Business plan, you can have your PC fixed, but you also repair the client’s PC in a short manner of time. For any found threats in your operating system, the Reimage repair tool will replace it with healthy content. 

Overall, you can get many different types of checks and repair, from software maintenance, viruses or malware, functionality, speed, storage content and many more, both on your operating system as well as on operating systems owned by your business partner.  

The Renewal plan has all the features as the Home plan and it can be purchased like two different types of subscriptions. A one-year subscription, for one PC and one license, can be purchased for $39,95 and the second option is to purchase 3 licenses for unlimited use in one year and it comes at $59,95.


For the best performances, you should use Reimage on the Windows operating system. This way you will have access to all the features offered by this company: free storage check, viruses, spyware, and malware detection, replacement of damaged files with new, healthy files, it will fix up your algorithm and detect any hardware issues that might be causing a slower performance of your PC. 

Do you know that Reimage is also compatible with Android? With this application, you can run a free scan report and find out what lies behind the slow performance of your mobile phone or your tablet. You can save up your memory and quickly clean calls and text history, remove cached memory form browsing every day. Those things are like hidden mysteries – you know they exist because it gives you a headache every day because it takes too much energy and time, but you just don’t have the right tool for unlocking the secret box. 

With this feature, you can free up your space for your new favorite business application, games, accounts or anything else you would like to add to your everyday use. Of course, this fast check will go under your supervision because you will get a chance to review a list of cached memory per app.

I really like the way Reimage Ltd is contributing to the world of the modern age by giving its users the chance to change and prioritize their time on an everyday basis.  

Besides the Android app, Reimage is also compatible with the Mac operating system. It is included in Reimage Mac subscription and it offers you a basic scan report with data that will give you some basic insight into your PC performance. You can save up on your free storage and clean all the unnecessary data and offers an overall report on your Mac's equipment presentation. 

Unfortunately, Reimage's performance runs better with the Windows operating system, but I hope they will improve their features for Mac as well. 

What Reimage can fix and what is out of their area

Since there were some misunderstandings related to the expertise of Reimage, they have made every effort to explain their offer and possibilities. Reimage can help you with the following:

  • Windows errors which can be very different one from another. It would take you a lot of time to find out which error is causing your computer to slow down or to crash. That’s why Reimage offers an instant report and reparation of a very complex condition.
  • BSOD or Blue Screen of Death which happens to occur when your operating system “crashes” after experiencing a critical error.
  • Damaged DLLs which is related to malfunction of an application installed on your computer. This situation can happen when a newer installed version is missing some crucial components contained in the previous, older, version you had just a minute ago. 
  • “Freezing” computer or one of the most common conditions in everyday use especially if you’re using some more demanding programs which will draw all the power from your graphic card. In this case, you might be experiencing frozen programs or not responding to applications. Reimage will fix your issues so you don’t have to reboot your machine every now and then.  
  • Virus damage is not always visible. Once you remove a virus from your computer it doesn’t mean that there are no side effects. Reimage is not a substitute for an anti-virus program, but it can be very helpful as a complementary solution and is always recommended before the anti-virus program. 
  • Operating system recovery is now possible in just a few easy steps with the Reimage solution. There is no need to reinstall your operating system, which can be a hassle sometimes and cost you a lot of time and money. Reimage operating system recovery will improve all the necessary data and the result will be reinstalled damaged applications, drivers and completely recovered passwords and licenses. 

Reimage can’t help you with:

  • Problems with third-party software programs such as problems with Firefox or Adobe. As long as the ongoing problems are related to Windows, Reimage can help you with it.
  • Trojans, malware, and spyware because Reimage is not an antivirus program and can’t block any possible viruses that can attack your operating system. By purchasing one of your favorite licenses you can recover most of the damage caused by some virus. It is recommended to scan your operating system from time to time to make sure if the viruses are detected. 

Commitment to satisfaction 

What I really like about Reimage is their full commitment to customer’s needs. The fact that they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee after 60 days can truly show us that they are serious in the business. Of course, if this is the case you will need to follow a few ground rules. If you choose to remove Reimage wizard from your computer, your operating system will revert to its prior condition when your PC was harmed, which can be unpleasant. This is maybe the only negative outcome in this situation. My opinion is that the company is trying to protect its data after customer’s withdrawal and we can’t truly blame them for that.

At the same time, their support is available 24/7 via chat, phone line or email address. They are replying on each review and you can truly see that their answers are not generic ones. They are really dedicated when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers because the person behind the support team is reading carefully both the negative and positive feedback. 


When you see everything that Reimage does and when you compare it to some other tools out there, this app just blows them out of the competition. This is one of the reasons why Reimage is so popular and why many reviews online are exceptional and give it a higher rank. One of the most beneficial features is the possibility to replace your software data with new and undamaged files drawing back from their 25 million database, just to make sure everything is well connected. 

One of the items that indicate the confidence of their members is the option to take a free trial run before purchasing the license. So go ahead and download your free trial and let it scan your computer. That way you will at least know the current condition of your PC. 

This company is proudly pointing out that the Reimage patented technology is the only PC Repair program of its kind and that it can actually reverse the damage done to your operating system by the virus. 

That is why Reimage is such a powerful tool compared to others on the market. Their popularity is widespread not just among home users, but it is being used by computer technicians as well. The simplicity of the interface is very useful. The scan usually takes around five to ten minutes after which you get a full report with the possible damage or threats found on your computer.